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Mechanical tumor, external heart, elastic cell - CPU Load Meter

Interactive media artist Mio I-zawa’s “mechanical tumor” is a quivering hunk of fleshy, organic-looking material that expands and contracts depending on the amount of stress your computer is experiencing ....
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Dell Latitude Z: 16-inch notebook weighs 4.5 pounds, charges wirelessly

Dell’s got something for the business set today in the 16-inch Latitude Z, a $2000 notebook that measures just over half an inch thick, weighs 4.5 pounds, and charges wirelessly ....
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The Very First Lighter Phone SB6309

Although I fully admit to chuckling quite a bit after first seeing this cellphone with a built-in cigarette lighter, I can see some practicality with it. After all, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard of my smoking friends losing their lighter. I’ve been asked numerous times if I happen to have a lighter on me, despite that they’re fully aware I don’t smoke. Having a lighter built into your cellphone would come in incredibly handy. After all, your phone is almost always somewhere within reach.....
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Samsung surprised us today with the launch of an affordable solar powered mobile phone in India. We were banking on the Blue Earth phone but it’s the Solar Guru (Guru E1107) that will make its way first to the commercial market.
The phone won’t be looked upon for its features but rather for its solar charging prowess, which for 1 hour of solar charging can give around 5-10 minutes of talk time. It supports dual GSM bands (900/1800MHz) and includes a 1.52-inches 65K CSTN screen, FM Radio, MP3 ringtones, torch, Mobile Tracker, Fake Call and a 800mAh battery.

Apart from India, Solar Guru will also be launched in June in Europe, Southeast Asia, Southwest Asia and Latin America.

It will go for just Rs. 2,799 ($59).


Ergonomic Backpack Vacuum

Posted by Wonderful-Tricks

Carry your Vacuum Backpack on the back, and clean your house now. Cool?
"Ergonomic backpack vacuum($170) moves with you so you don't have to drag a heavy upright vacuum around the house. Cleans any surface from carpet to tile to stone or hardwood floors. Powerful suction to tackle even the toughest jobs including broken glass, confetti, nuts and bolts, pet hair and more. Features adjustable, padded backpack straps for added comfort. Includes a HEPA filter to remove 99.9% of all dust, telescoping wand, easy reach attachments, 26 ft. power cord, reusable collection bag and six disposable bags. Also converts into a high-powered blower. Plastic and aluminum, 12 1/2 x 8 x 18". "


How many times have you said to yourself: “I really, really wish I could cook a pizza while driving.” Well have I got something for you.
The Porta-Pizza oven could be just what the doctor ordered. This 12-volt pizza oven looks almost like an April Fools prank from The Onion, but it’s real. Now I’d be afraid that I’d kill my car battery with the amount of power you’d need to cook pizza, but what the heck do I know? And what’s to stop you from making toast in your front seat with this? Yay, toast on the go! Just plug it into your 12-volt accessory outlet, add your ingredients and get cookin’!

Now I thought people texting and driving were bad, but I bet dropping a scorching hot slice of melty mozzarella and pepperoni onto your lap is sure to get you into an accident or two.

This Stupidiotic invention is available from Stupidiotic for $36 (USD). I wonder if this is how Domino’s plans on reviving their 30-minutes or less promise now…


Mimo Mini USB Monitor

Posted by Wonderful-Tricks

Looking for that extra bit of screen real estate to get you through the busy workday? Referring to notes while writing an e-mail, checking info in a spreadsheet while entering data into a web page, keeping an eye on your to-do list while browsing YouTube... it's handy to have additional monitor space at the ready. Problem is an entire secondary monitor comes with its own needs like requiring a separate power cord or perhaps an additional video card

The Mimo Mini USB Monitor changes this equation completely by offering a low-maintenance relationship between you and an extra display. A single USB connection from your computer gets you an instant high-resolution secondary display. This awesome display is perfect for your IM client, widgets, PC gaming tools, your email, a spreadsheet, your PhotoShop tools, or even video! Not only do these displays enhance productivity, they look great! The single USB connection, combined with a weight of only 1.3 pounds, means the Mimo monitor is ultra portable and cost-effective, as no expensive extra video cards are required.


Colour changing umbrella

Posted by Wonderful-Tricks

Black umbrella with a white London skyline from Squid London. When water hits the the umbrella the skyline changes to multi-colour. Priced: £ 22.00


This Desktop Factory 3D Printer is priced (and sized) to please. For US$4,995 you get a rapid prototyper the size of a large laser printer that can make anything up to 125ci (approximately 2 litres) in volume. The manufactured parts are tough enough to be thrown around a room (must be a 3D printer standard) and are made using a halogen light source and plastic powder instead of more expensive UV cured polymers. These non-exotic materials mean the Desktop Factory material costs works out to be a very affordable US$1 per cubic inch. You can’t buy them just yet, but they’re taking names so stay tuned.

The Desktop Factory 3D printer builds durable, functional models from the bottom up, one layer at a time. The Desktop Factory 3D printer has a build speed comparable to existing 3D printing technologies, and produces robust parts that are strong enough to be thrown across a conference room table!


LightLane Personal Bike Path

Posted by Wonderful-Tricks

A few months ago the LightLane personal bike path was merely a competition entry in conceptual phase. Using high powered laser beams mounted to bicycle seat posts, the light generated so much interest that the designers took it into development.

Alex Tee, a mechanical engineer, and industrial designer Evan Gant, who both work with the Boston-based design firm Altitude, Inc. are currently in the production engineering phase of development. The proposed LightLane model uses two high-visibility DPSS (diode-pumped solid state) green lasers mounted alongside traditional bright red LEDs to crisply mark a broad path on the pavement. We were excited to see the recent video release of early beta testing (see below), which demonstrates the potential efficacy of this product in poorly lit road scenarios.

While the timeline for release is still unknown and the final cost remains to be seen, we're already sold.

Check out product renderings and more images after the jump.


Tidiness is supposedly a virtue. It could also be viewed as a disease, an obsession with order at the expense of utility. I firmly disagree with this second statement: I’m a Virgo, and therefore everything must be in place at all times lest I am thrown into an OCD-stoked rage.

I am also too lazy to actually tidy up, which is why this stool from Berlin design team LLot Llov, cutely named Todd, is ideal. A useless stack of twisted metal out of the box, it only becomes a comfy stool when clothes are tossed and strewn across its top. What could be more perfect? Everyone, and I mean everyone, throws their laundry, dirty or clean, onto a chair or stool out of sheer lackadaisical lethargy. Bonus: Put a burner below, and a paella pan on top, and you have the making of a great picnic. Or you would, if Todd could be bought. I’d urge you to write an convince the folks at LLot Llov to produce them but, like you, you lazybones, I really can’t be bothered.


I have a great admiration for people who are able to build things with their hands. Having two left hands has made it impossible for me to make anything, except maybe some eggs for breakfast. It's therefore that when I look at these photos, I'm in awe.
Here's someone who has made from a Laverda motorcycle a sidecar. Not just any sidecar, but a supercar sidecar, including gulfwing doors. The sidecar part looks amazing, a true work of art. It's almost like it came straight out of the factory.

The builder, a Frenchman named Francois Knorreck built this in his spare time. The Laverda, named Snaefell, was built in a mere 10,000 hours... incredible. Since it was a part-time build, it took 10 years to finish.

Parts were used from other vehicles, like a Kawasaki 1000, VW Golf GTI, Audi 80 and a Citroen Xantia car. Further gear was found on BMW and Renault cars.


A web site devoted to science news for children of ages 9 to 14, the portal offers timely items of interest to kids, suggestions for projects and group activities, and links to Web resources and other useful materials.
Sections in the website include PuzzleZone, for inventing and solving puzzles, SciFiZone for science project ideas and tips, GameZone, which has a selection of logic and memory games, and TeacherZone, which has question sheets related to the feature article of the week, so that teachers can bring science news topics to the classroom.



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Hunch wants to help people make up their minds about anything from dumping a boyfriend to choosing a car or getting a piercing. Launched by a team of MIT graduates, uses machine learning to guide people to decisions that seem to suit them. The Hunch engine uses machine learning technology to come up with insightful questions, the answers to which lead to a personally tailored recommendation regarding a path to take.


Microsoft has shown Windows 7 running on Netbooks ever since it introduced the operating system last fall. However, helping consumers get it on their notebooks has proven more tricky.
Microsoft is considering offering Windows 7 on a thumb drive to allow Netbook owners to more easily upgrade their machines, a source tells CNET News.
The move, which is still under consideration, is one of several things Microsoft has looked at to try to make it convenient to upgrade machines that don't come with a CD or DVD drives.
Microsoft executives have said that they recognize that upgrading Netbooks poses a challenge and are exploring ways that the company can make it easier. In an interview on Thursday, Senior Vice President Bill Veghte said that Microsoft had nothing to announce on that front.

The challenge of getting Windows 7 on to older Netbooks threatens to cast a shadow over the technical work Microsoft did to get Windows 7 running on Netbooks. Its predecessor, Windows Vista, proved ill-suited to Netbooks forcing Microsoft to continue selling Windows XP as its answer to the low-cost notebook phenomenon.

Although a USB flash drive could offer the simplest way to move a Netbook to Windows 7, there are other options. Buyers with an external drive could hook up that to their Netbook, while another option would be an upgrade through a service such as Best Buy's Geek Squad. Microsoft also sells a downloadable version of Windows today, so, in theory it could do the same with Windows 7, allowing buyers to put the OS on their own thumb drive.

Matt Bonin, a merchant director at Best Buy, said this week that the company is aiming to work with Geek Squad to develop services to streamline Windows 7 upgrades. As for Netbooks, he said the company recognizes the challenge they present and said the store already offers services to load other types of software, such as antivirus programs.

Complicating matters further is the fact that most Netbooks are running Windows XP. Those moving from Windows XP can buy an upgrade version of the software, but must back up their data, do a clean installation of the operating system and then reload their applications.

The same goes for all XP owners, as well as users looking to move from a higher-end version of Vista to a lower-end version of Windows 7 and all users in Europe trying to upgrade to Windows 7 using the browser-less "E" version--the only one Microsoft plans to offer there.


The spam email appears to offer a link to a YouTube video, but instead sends the recipient to a Trojan Downloader hosted on a compromised Web site. The file offered is called Michael.Jackson.videos.scr (MD5: 664cb28ef710e35dc5b7539eb633abca). This file is located on a legitimate Web site hosted in Australia belonging to a radio broadcasting station. Upon executing the file, a legitimate Web site at is opened by the default browser in order to distract the user by presenting a news article for them to read.

In the background, three further information-stealing components are downloaded and installed by the malware. One of the downloaded files is called michael.gif, which has low AV detection rates - see VT results here. The malware then installs a malicious BHO that is registered with this file %windir%\Dynamic.dll and this GUID {FCADDC14-BD46-408A-9842-CDBE1C6D37EB}. Another component is bound to startup at %windir%\system32\kproces.exe. Another malicious file installed by the malware is %windir%\system32\fotos.exe.


LiveValidation is a small open source JavaScript library for making client-side validation quick, easy, and powerful. Two versions are provided – a Prototype version and a standalone version. Both are fully tested on most modern browsers with a comprehensive test suite.

LiveValidation comprises of two main parts. Firstly, it provides developers with a rich set of core validation methods, which can also be used outside the context of forms. Secondly, it provides your visitors with real-time validation information as they fill out forms, helping them to get it right first time, making the forms easier, quicker and less daunting to complete.
Developed by Alec Hill; LiveValidation JavaScript Library is available for download under the MIT License. You can find further information, demos & download on LiveValidation Website.


You all might have subscribed to other blogs and receiving emails via Feedburner. After opening the mail you can see a logo at the top right corner. How to add that logo?

How to add the logo

  • Log into your Feedburner account and select Publicize tab at the top.
  • In the left sidebar, click on Email Subscriptions and then select Email Branding.
  • Now, in the Email Branding option, enter the url of the logo and click on Save at the bottom.
  • And you’re done !


New Amazing Features on Google Books

Posted by Wonderful-Tricks

Think about how you use a book. You want to read it, sure--but there are a host of other ways for you to interact with the words between the covers. You might want to flip through the pages to find an image. You might want to open right up to the table of contents so you can find your favorite chapter. And you might want to pass it along to a friend so they can have a look at it, too.

Today I'm excited to announce that we're rolling out changes to Google Books that give readers and book lovers everywhere new ways to interact with the words and images contained within the books we've brought online. We've also made it easier for users to share previews of their favorite books on their blogs or websites. Here's a tour of some of the enhancements we've made to the way you search, browse, and share the books that we've digitized:

1. Embeds and links - This new toolbar option allows you to embed a preview of a full view or partner book in any of your websites or blogs--all with a simple html snippet. It's a lot like the embed tag that makes it so easy to share YouTube videos. Programmers comfortable with API tools could accomplish this via our Embedded Viewer API, but this new solution is much easier for everyone to use. You can also choose to grab a URL link to email or IM to friends that takes them to the same book and page on Google Books. For readers, this means they can more easily share pages from books you love, while publisher partners can gain even more awareness across the web to promote their books.

2. Better search within each book - You've always been able to search inside books you find on Google Book Search. Now, for public domain and partner books, we've made it easier to see exactly where your search term appears within the book by showing you more context around the term, including an image from the part of the page on which it appears. You can click on those images to navigate directly to the pages inside the book. You can also sort your search results by relevance in addition to page order in the book or magazine.

In the search results bar, you'll find 'Previous' and 'Next' buttons that allow you to browse through search hits quickly and easily.

3. Thumbnail view - Click on the thumbnail view button in the toolbar to see an overview of all the pages in a public domain book or in a magazine. Clicking on a thumbnail image will take you to that page in the reading view (available for "full view" books).

4. Contents drop-down menu - Above the book itself, you'll find a Contents drop-down that allows you to jump to chapters within the book--or articles within a magazine. (In case you're wondering, we built this using the same structure extraction technology that supports our mobile version of Google Books.)

5. Plain Text Mode - We've made it easier to find our plain text versions of public domain books. If a book is available in full view, you can click the 'Plain text' button in the toolbar to see our HTML version of the text (derived via OCR for full view books). This is especially useful for visually impaired Google users, who can use this format for text-to-speech and other types of software.

6. Page Turn Button and Animation - In addition to scrolling through the book, you can now also click the page turn button at the bottom of the screen, even if you haven't yet finished the page. An animated line moves with the page turn to make it easier to keep track of your location in the text.

7. Improved Book Overview Page - On the Overview page you'll find an assortment of useful data about the book, including reviews, ratings, summaries, related books, key words and phrases, references from the web, places mentioned in the book, publisher information, etc.

We hope that you enjoy these improvements to Google Books. As always, feel free to provide feedback. Happy reading!

Six years ago Chris Ebejer conceived a way to stop babies from overheating.
Now, proudly, he is delivering his fully-formed creation to the world.
The father of one has signed a £12.5million contract with a manufacturer to take his 'Babyglow' babygrows global.
The garments change colour with baby's temperature - meaning they can tell parents when their child is getting too hot and help prevent catastrophic illness.

'Mothers are going to find these invaluable,' said Mr Ebejer, who lives with wife Jane, 44, and son Aaron, 17, in Long Melford, Suffolk. 'Heat is invisible. The suit changes that and makes it visible.
'It communicates to the mother where a baby can't.'
Overheating can cause a baby's brain to shut down and is also an indication of illnesses such as meningitis.
Mr Ebejer, who had his idea while watching a documentary about babies, began the search for an ink pigment with heat-sensitive molecules.
He spent six years and £700,000 working with scientists to embed into cotton babygrows.
The Babyglows come in pink, blue and pastel green, all of which turn white as soon as the baby's temperature rises above 37c.
They will be available from October for £20 a pack.
The worldwide patent has been bought by manufacturers Quality Workwear 4 U, in Milton Keynes.
Mr Ebejer has signed sales deals in a number of countries including the U.S. and is negotiating with High Street stores.
He added: 'It has taken over my life but I'm very passionate about


In this age of always-on Internet devices and random attention spans here’s an automotive mount that probably will soon be illegal. This super universal car mount holds three devices via a flexible gooseneck bracket. Now you can drive your car, watch videos, type an email and play your PSP! Best of all – when not in your car, take it into your kitchen, turn it upside down and use it as a candelabra.

Super Universal Car Mount – $29.99


Crystal Clear DSi available now thanks to XCM

XCM Eye-Candy shell (Crystal series) - Made from the best quality super clear acrylic plastic available. These cases will bring out the beauty of your handheld like no other case can.

The XCM Eye-Candy shell includes:
Full NDSi Replacement Case
Screwdriver - No Extra Tools Required!


Just in time for the summer! as this is no ordinary water hose reel. NO-CRANK is a Water Powered Retractable Garden Hose Reel that is there is no hand, no electricity, no springs. This ground-breaking technology is based on the proprietary Hydro-Pro system which takes the water pressure and converts it into the power needed to rewind up to 150ft of reel.


Artmu to launch its laptop sleeve bag used as a mouse pad

Triggering a "why the hell didn't I think of that?!" moment, Artmu has designed a laptop sleeve that, when unzipped and opened up completely, transforms into an effective mouse pad. Altogether now: Why didn't I think of that?


Terminator Salvation Chopper has landed

Posted by Wonderful-Tricks

Terminator Salvation Chopper has landed

This menacing looking machine has some decent detail of the Terminator T800 skull and that in itself is enought to get noticed as you buzz this three channel RC about the room, but the added effects really set it apart. Glowing LED lights in the eyes, sound effects from the film and a laser battle mode to fight other choppers in the Bladez range make the £27.99 price tag pretty good value. Get yours at

Combat Function – Terminator V Resistance Battles
Hit opponent 3 times to disarm the enemy
Terminator branded helicopter, handset and packaging
Realistic battle sound effects
Coaxial structure enabling steady flight
10 meter range, 8 mins (approx) flight time
High spec lipo battery Li-Po 3.7V 100mAh
Crash friendly blades fold on impact
Tri-band swtich allow 3 helipocters to fly together
Precision digital proportional control
Sticker set to personalise resistance and Terminator helicopter and handset.
Infra red



There has been widespread unrest and turmoil all over Iran, since the alleged botched results of the Presidential elections came out. There has been a ban on reporting for the international media and Iranian authorities have been quick to block access to various social networking websites such as Twitter and Facebook. Still, many people are using proxy servers and other methods to make sure that the news reaches to the the world via such online mediums, one way or another.

Since the onset of the Iranian unrest, Facebook has been overwhelmed with the influx of numerous posts, pages and newly created groups. So is the pressure on Google to translate millions of pages written in Farsi. Considering the gravity of these events. Google and Facebook announced that they have included Farsi in their language databases.

Via its official blog page, Facebook stated it has indeed included Farsi into its language capabilities and it will be available from tonight onwards. According to the statement, the Persian language version of Facebook was already developed, but Facebook felt the need to launch it in the midst of the Iranian crisis, to facilitate communication between concerned nationals and the outside world. Even with the launch of the Persian version, it should be noted that, translation is in its infancy and would take time to be perfected.
To enable viewing of Farsi pages in Facebook, the user’s browser should be set to Farsi. This would automatically display Facebook’s Farsi version. Facebook has stated that over 400 Persian speaking individuals have already voluntarily submitted numerous translations for the Farsi version.

Google also announced via its official blog the addition of Farsi in Google Translate, considering the events taking place in Iran. As the translation isn’t perfect in the translated pages, hence, Google is inviting users to submit translations by clicking on the ‘contribute a better translation’ on the translated pages.


New Professional Blogger Template Exotic

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Three Column
Fast Loading Design : As this template does not uses any image except the logo and the blockquote, this is main reason why this template loads very fast
Built in search engine
Three column header to add Recent Comments, Recent Posts and Popular Posts
Special space to add your Top 15 categories
Neat and simple design

Demo | Download


How to add Page Peel Effect For Blogger

Posted by Wonderful-Tricks


Hi, friends, in this post, I am gonna teach you how to implement the page peel effect in your blogs. This increases the number of visitors to your blog. This is the best place for advertising. Hope you like it.You have probably seen these forms of advertisings where you can peel a corner of a website and see a message underneath. This is done using some simple lines of jQuery.This was origianlly done by Sohtanaka

Just login to Blogger,
Go To Layout > Edit Html > Press Ctrl + F

Now search for </head>

And place the below codes above it.

<style type='text/css'>
img { behavior: url( }
#pageflip {
position: relative;
right: 0; top: 0;
float: right;
#pageflip img {
width: 50px; height: 52px;
z-index: 99;
position: absolute;
right: 0; top: 0;
-ms-interpolation-mode: bicubic;
#pageflip .msg_block {
width: 50px; height: 50px;
overflow: hidden;
position: absolute;
right: 0; top: 0;
background: url( no-repeat right top;

<script src='' type='text/javascript'/>
<script type='text/javascript'>

//Page Flip on hover

$(&quot;#pageflip&quot;).hover(function() {
$(&quot;#pageflip img , .msg_block&quot;).stop()
width: &#39;307px&#39;,
height: &#39;319px&#39;
}, 500);
} , function() {
$(&quot;#pageflip img&quot;).stop()
width: &#39;50px&#39;,
height: &#39;52px&#39;
}, 220);
width: &#39;50px&#39;,
height: &#39;50px&#39;
}, 200);


In codes red line is the image url you wanna show in add,so make change according to your requirements.

Now search for <body> tag and place the below code after it.

<div id='pageflip'>
<a href=''><img alt='' src=''/></a>
<div class='msg_block'></div>

Note: Change the feed link above which is in red to your own feeds.



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Government of India today banned the import of mobile phone which has zero IMEI or No IMEI which was creating a problem for security agencies to track the culprits the Directorate General of Foreign Trade said in a notification.

IMEI is a 15 digit code which appears on the operator’s network whenever a call is made.

Mobiles phones without IMEI number are considered a security threat and concerns had been raised over their usage after terrorist attacks like the one in Mumbai in November last year.

GSM service providers have already said that they would deny connectivity to cellphones without IMEI number. Concerned over the national security, the Department of Telecommunications had earlier asked operators to disconnect services to handset that does not have an IMEI number.



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Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) is looking to shake up the mobile Internet Market for prepaid users, offering a plan with Unlimited Browsing at Rs.20 per day.

The State Operator announced the launch of Unlimited GPRS-20 Plan for its GSM customers of TamilNadu Telecom Circle. BSNL Prepaid Mobile subscriber can access full GPRS connectivity on mobile as well as PC & Laptop with Unlimited.Browsing and Free Download-Uploads with the activation of new plan at Rs.20 per day.

To activate this plan BSNL customer just need to send one sms ‘GPRS 20″ to 53733, after the SMS the Unlimited Plan will be activated with in one hour.


This serious-looking bit of kit is the SCD530 DECT Baby Monitor from Philips. As well as transmitting the usual goos, gahs and wahs from the other end of the house it also warns you if the temperature spikes/drops or if the humidity goes south. Because it uses DECT the signal should be interference-free as well as secure. The parent-end of the setup is rechargeable and can be used continuously for 24 hours even up to a distance of 300 metres. The child-end has a built-in night light and can play lullabies. If you really want to freak out the child there’s even 2-way communication. £97 from Amazon.

Healthy climate, total comfort. Zero interference guaranteed with DECT technology. Enjoy complete peace of mind with the new Philips AVENT range of DECT Baby Monitors you can relax, safe in the knowledge your baby’s happy even when you are out the room.



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Dose-Alert® reminds you to take your pills Self-adhesive timer sticks to the cap of any pill bottle. Simply press one button to set from 1 to 24 hours. Timer counts upward from the time it is activated until it reaches alarm set point. Beeps loudly and flashes to remind you to take your medicine. Press reset to start the count again. Battery included.


128GB’s on your keychain

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EDGE’s mega high-capacity 128GB DiskGO Flash Drive can store approximately 85,000 photos, 128 hours of video, 32,000 MP3s, or 1,280,000 documents. The drive is housed in a rugged aluminum casing that provides protection against wear and tear. It includes CryptArchiver Lite encryption software, a trial version of CryptArchiver which allows users to encrypt up to 25MB of data using 128-bit AES encryption. The full version of CryptArchiver is available for purchase on EDGE’s site and encrypts up to 32GB, and exceeds the U.S. government standard for encryption strength and allows users to choose which cipher method they prefer: 256-bit AES or 448-bit Blowfish encryption. The 128GB DiskGO is available for pre order today and will ship on 7/31. The price is a staggering $389.95. But hey, shipping is free!


Cable management is one of the most annoying aspects of modern electronics. Pretty much every single device you connect to your computer or home theater needs a power cord, and tons of products — even whole companies — invest their efforts in keeping the knots to a minimum. The Outlet Wall "reverses the telescope" on the entire idea of wire clutter, putting your cables front and center by covering a wall with power outlets.

The concept is pretty nutty but actually kind of cool — and definitely practical. You'll never have to hunt for an outlet again, and the pattern is just as appealing as wallpaper. The power management for such an array would probably be a nightmare (and I wouldn't try plugging toasters into every outlet), but for a media room that's going to have the lights out most of the time anyway, why not?


Here comes a 4-port USB hub that also works as a charger for adding more juice to your mobile phone.
This 4-port USB hub can draw power from your computer’s USB port to charge the mobile phone. Or alternatively, it’s equipped with a solar panel that is able to soak up sun lights and store in its internal battery. And the stored juice can then be used to recharge a cell phone.

It’s a pretty handy gadget for frequent travelers to bring along, as it provides you more connectivities to your gadgets as well as charging mobile phones. The charger can charge phone models include Nokia, SE, Motorola and Samsung. It claims to be sensitive enough to collect sufficient solar energy even under weak light.


Turn every Wii bowling experience into a perfect 300 with the Bowling Ball for Wii. This ultra-realistic accessory, allows you to mimic all the critical motions a ‘striking’ performance requires. This Wii peripheral is the first of its kind to be fashioned after an authentic bowling ball, turning your wii-mote into the optimum performance-enhancing accessory! To operate simply press the release button to open the ball in half, place the Wii remote inside and close the ball. Once the remote is set inside, plug the three holes with your fingers, as you would a bowling ball. Lastly, make sure to wear the wrist strap securely around your wrist, this will prevent the ball from accidently flying out of your hand, and you are ready to bowl virtual strikes like a Pro!

Even though holding and bowling the ball is so like-like to the actual sport, never, ever release the ball!! Pack Includes: One bowling ball Wii Remote attachment Compatbile with the following Wii games: Wii sports Brunswick Pro Bowling Ten Pin Alley 2 AMF Bowling: World Lanes AMF Bowling: Pinbusters! And any other Wii Bowling games that require the Wii Remote Warning Before using this product, please review Nintendo’s safety recommendations. CTA Digital, Inc. will NOT be liable for any damage to your TV, home appliances, and/or accidents caused by these accessories. All trademarks and copyrights are the products of their respective owners. This product is not licensed, designed, sponsored or manufactured by Nintendo Company Ltd.


The Mobidapter is a clever gizmo which lets you connect an ordinary USB flash memory drive to any device which has an SD or microSD memory socket. Since this includes most of the modern smartphones on the market, it means that you can hook up a flash memory stick to upload/download photos, music, files et al as easy as pie. No more needing to use a computer as the middle man. Cool stuff.

The device comes with mini, micro and full size SD connectors so it should cope with a huge range of PDAs, phones and portable devices, although there is a tech limit of 32GB on the host. No drivers or batteries needed. Super tool and something that could become extremely valuable for archiving those 8 and 12 megapixel holiday snaps from your handset on vacation. Priced at $65.00 or £32.78.

The Mobidapter is a USB memory stick reader which plugs directly into the SD memory slot on mobile/cell phones, smart phones and PDAs. This means it is now possible to transfer data such as pictures, MP3 files, Microsoft Office applications, or in fact any type of file from a standard USB memory pen to a mobile device, and vice versa. No PC is needed for the process and no driver software is needed. The device is compatible with virtually all of the latest phones with an external SD memory slot and standard USB memory pens.


Be prepared to be impressed! We are very excited to present to you this new specialized air purifier designed specifically to address allergy sufferer’s nighttime needs. If you are one of many whose allergies prevent you from getting a good night sleep then the Pure Air Sleep System could be the solution you’ve been dreaming of. Designed specifically for allergy sufferers, the Pure Air Sleep System couples HEPA filtration with a unique design that in just 12 seconds creates a sleep zone of 99% purified, allergen free air delivered directly where you need it when you sleep. During our testing of this unit, our eyes widened with excitement as we watched the particulate count of the air fall to 0 on our testing meter for the entire length of the sleep zone area! This means that as you sleep you can rest assured that you are breathing in a consistent flow of purified air.

Suffers from allergies at night and wants to improve their sleep quality
Wants a sleep zone of clean, allergen free purified air
Likes to keep a window open for fresh air at night, but suffers from allergens.
Partner does not want a noisy air purifier running in the room with the windows closed.

Advanced Filtration Technology: HEPA filtration is combined with laminar air disbursement to removed 99% of all airborne allergens greater then 0.3 microns including dust mite particles, pet dander and pollens and replace them with pure air in just 12 seconds.
Quiet: This unit has been called “whisper quiet” and generates less than 45 decibels of sound. The unit is designed to fit under the bed which muffles the hum from the already quiet fan speeds – low and high. The unit moves air at 15’ per minute.
Concentrated Air Flow: Unpurified air is drawn into the under the bed unit and passes through the pre-filter and HEPA filter and the purified air travels through the arm tubes of the unit delivering a concentrated source 99% purified air through the overhead arm. Creates a purified sleep zone in just 12 seconds.
Under-Bed-Unit: The air purifier unit slides discretely under the bed so it does not stand out or take up space in your bedroom. The unit measures 7” H x 16” W x 25” L, so it requires at least 7” of under bed clearance. If you have a low profile bed frame and do not have 7” of clearance the unit can be stood on its side and placed between head of bed and the wall.
Adjustable Tower Height: The tower of the unit can be adjusted in height to fit with the height of your bed frame. This feature allows you to achieve the desired placement of the overhead air outflow arm.
Tower Cap: The unit comes with a tower cap that slides onto the top of the tower (if you decide to remove the airflow arm) for daytime use as a decorative, protective cover for the tower.
Air Changes: Experts typically recommend 6-8 air changes per hour. The Pure Air Sleep System delivers an unprecedented 1200 air changes per hour in ones sleep zone.
Easy to Use: Control fan speed (high or low) by touching the top of the small controller. Can be placed on a night stand and controlled by hand or placed on the ground and used as a foot control.
LED Indicators: 2 LED lights are located on the controller. One light is the Fan Speed Indicator which glows dim green for low speed and bright green for high speed. The other LED light is Filter Change Indicator. It will flash amber when it is time to change the pre-filter and will flash red when it is time to change the HEPA filter
Minimal Maintenance: HEPA filter should last one year under normal use. The Filter Change indicator will flash red when it is time to change HEPA filter. The pre-filter should be changed every three months. The unit comes standard with 1 HEPA filter and 4 pre-filters for a year worth of filtration.
Energy Efficient: The system is very energy efficient and can be operated for less then $0.02 per night (@ $0.10/kwh).


Norway's Opera Software opened a new, free service on Tuesday that enables simple sharing of personal computers' pictures, files or music with anyone on the Internet.
The new service, which the company has said would "reinvent the Web" is part of Opera's Web browser, enables direct downloading from personal computer to personal computer and removes any need for data storage at servers in the middle. Files can be viewed with any browser.
Similar technologies have been available before for tech-savvy consumers, but these have required downloading separate software, paying usage fees, or a long process of uploading content -- limiting take-up of the services.

On Thursday last week, Opera posted a note on social networking website Twitter with a link to a Web page saying Opera would "reinvent the Web" on June 16.

That heralding of the new service had helped Opera's share price surge in the past week, although it fell back slightly on Tuesday as the market digested the announcement.

"There were some expectations ahead of the announcement, so the market is only mildly disappointed, said analyst Peder Strand at SEB Enskilda

Strand added, however, that the new service looked innovative and could become an important product differentiator for Opera's browser.

Shares in Opera were down 2.7 percent by 1028 GMT, underperforming the Oslo bourse's 0.8 percent rise and a 1.1 percent rise for European technology shares.

In spite of the early fall, the stock is still up over 12 percent in the last week, at close to a three-year high, giving it a market capitalization of about $544 million.

Opera has built some sharing services for photos and media into the browser but has also opened up the platform for any developers to build their own sharing services.

"We believe it is the revolution of the Internet. We see this as a disruptive technology for Internet services in the next one to five years," Phillip Gronvold, product analyst at Opera, told Reuters.

Opera is the world's third-largest browser maker with about 40 million users, but is far behind Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Mozilla Foundation's Firefox.

"We hope to increase our desktop penetration with this service," Gronvold said. "We feel there's significant time-to-market benefits in browser space."

Internet Explorer is used for about 60 percent of global Internet traffic, Firefox has about 30 percent, and Opera is at 4 percent -- just ahead of Google's Chrome and Apple's Safari, according to Web analytics firm StatCounter.

Microsoft has run afoul of U.S. and European antitrust regulators for bundling its desktop browser with its operating system, which Opera, Mozilla and Google say is an attempt to drive them out of the market.

Microsoft said last week it plans to ship the newest version of its Windows operating system in Europe without Internet Explorer browser.

Microsoft's move could be a boon for rivals, but Opera has said this was not enough to restore competition.

Opera has a small share of the desktop browser market, but its mobile browser is the most widely used browser on handsets.

"Opera today makes around 4 crowns ($0.62) a year per desktop user on average," analyst Peder Strand at SEB Enskilda said.

"If they double the number of users on the back of this product, it would be a huge success that will have a material financial impact for Opera," Strand said.

"However, whether we can expect such a doubling of the customer base, has yet to bee seen," he added.

Gronvold said Opera was working also on a mobile version of Unite, but has not decided on a launch schedule.


Facebook Experiments with Real-Time Search

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The company introduces a new search interface with some much needed functionality.
Facebook has introduced a revamped search interface that brings real-time results from News Streams users in chronological order. The feature is considered experimental and has been introduced only for a small number of people but the initial reactions seem to be very positive as many have been unsatisfied with Facebook's current search capabilities.

“Those of you in the test group will see new layouts for search results that will continue to include people's profiles, Facebook Pages, groups and applications, and some entirely new Search features. With the test, you will be able to search your News Feed for the most recent status updates, photos, links, videos and notes being shared by your friends and the Facebook Pages of which you're a fan. You will also be able to search for status updates, posted links and notes in Search from people who have chosen to make their profile and content available to everyone,” reads a post on the Facebook blog.

The social networking website's search has always been considered inferior compared to similar services and while it does a decent job in finding people or groups, finding content like photos, videos or status updates was a much harder task. Other services have proven quite successful, having a powerful search tool that allows users to easily find real-time information. The biggest example would be Twitter, of course, which owes much of its explosive growth and popularity on its instant response to current events like the recent Iranian elections.

The new search interface will have a much more unified feel focusing on results from your feed but also offering results from other areas, like people, pages, groups etc. This is a big change from the current search, which places an emphasis on people and pages. The change, along with simplified privacy options coming soon, should allow Facebook to provide a much more Twitter-like experience and it's clear that, while Twitter is still a lot smaller, Facebook wants to be cautious and not rest on its laurels.


Google Apps Sync Disables Outlook Search

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The Outlook team has recently been made aware of a serious bug / flaw with the recently announced Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook, and as a result we wanted to provide the Outlook user community with additional details around this problem as well as information on how to address it.
The installation of the Google Apps Sync plugin disables Outlook’s ability to search any and all of your Outlook data. When a Google Apps user installs the sync plugin for Outlook, the plugin modifies a registry key which disables Windows Desktop Search from indexing and providing search functionality for all Outlook data, not just the Outlook data being synchronized from GMail. Because Outlook search relies upon the indexing performed by Windows Desktop Search, Outlook search functions are broken as a result. It is also important to note that uninstalling the plugin may not fix the issue.

Outlook users who are considering the Google Apps Sync plugin should become aware of this issue. If you have already installed this plugin, please take note of the steps below to address the issue.

For Outlook users who have already installed this plugin or have experienced this issue, the only remedy is to change the registry key that was modified by the plugin (click the link for more detail on the registry key):

1) Press the Windows Key + R on your keyboard, and type “REGEDIT”. This will open the Windows Registry Editor.

2) Browse to the following: "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Windows Search"

3) You will manually have to reset the value of “PreventIndexingOutlook” to “0” (without the quotes). To do this, right click on the “PreventIndexingOutlook” key, select “Modify…”, then change the value data to “0”.

4) Close the registry editor.

The Outlook team has been made aware of a second issue that affects users of the Microsoft Office Outlook Connector which syncs Windows Live Hotmail with Outlook. When a user has the Outlook Connector installed, then installs the Google Apps Sync plugin, the next time Outlook is started an error message comes up stating that “some functionality will be disabled”. The Google Apps Sync plugin modifies a registry key that is used by the Outlook Connector, which results in users seeing this error message. When confronted with this error message, we recommend that users click “Yes” to enable functionality. The Outlook Connector will then continue to function normally. The Outlook Connector will reset this registry key to the correct value.

Finally, we have brought these issues to Google’s attention, and have offered to work with them to find a resolution for our mutual customers. As soon as this is done, we will publish more information.


Google recently allowed publishers to pick a font for the AdSense powered ads. Only three fonts were provided though.
They are now allowing publishers to pick the font size!
Publishers are now allowed to change the font size of the text in their ad units. Three options are available: small, medium and large.
These options are however only available on Latin character ads.

There are 2 ways to change the size

Method 1 : To change fonts for every ad unit

1. First login to your Adsense account and at the top bar click on My Account and select Account Settings.


2. Click on edit beside Ad Display Preference.


3. Now from the drop down menu list, select your desired size and click on Save Changes at the bottom.


Note : This will change the font size of every ad unit.

Method2 : To change font size for individual ad unit

If you want to change the font size for an individual ad unit, here is a simple tutorial.

1. First log in to your Adsense account and at the top click on Adsense Setup.


2) If you want to make a new ad unit then click on Get Ads else click on Manage Ads.

If you have selected Get Ads :

2.1. Click on AdSense for Content, select your ad unit and then click on Continue. Please note that this update is only for Ad Unit, not for Link Unit.

2.2. Now select your ad format, color and this time you will see a new option called Font Size.

Just select your desired font size and at the bottom click on Continue. The rest of the procedure is the same as old.


If you have selected Manage Ads :

2.3) Select the ad unit that you want to change. Then in the right hand side of that ad click on Edit Ad Settings.

2.4) Now follow step 2.2

Its really an awesome update and I think will help us to earn more revenue. What do you say ?


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