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The Mobidapter is a clever gizmo which lets you connect an ordinary USB flash memory drive to any device which has an SD or microSD memory socket. Since this includes most of the modern smartphones on the market, it means that you can hook up a flash memory stick to upload/download photos, music, files et al as easy as pie. No more needing to use a computer as the middle man. Cool stuff.

The device comes with mini, micro and full size SD connectors so it should cope with a huge range of PDAs, phones and portable devices, although there is a tech limit of 32GB on the host. No drivers or batteries needed. Super tool and something that could become extremely valuable for archiving those 8 and 12 megapixel holiday snaps from your handset on vacation. Priced at $65.00 or £32.78.

The Mobidapter is a USB memory stick reader which plugs directly into the SD memory slot on mobile/cell phones, smart phones and PDAs. This means it is now possible to transfer data such as pictures, MP3 files, Microsoft Office applications, or in fact any type of file from a standard USB memory pen to a mobile device, and vice versa. No PC is needed for the process and no driver software is needed. The device is compatible with virtually all of the latest phones with an external SD memory slot and standard USB memory pens.


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