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Mechanical tumor, external heart, elastic cell - CPU Load Meter

Interactive media artist Mio I-zawa’s “mechanical tumor” is a quivering hunk of fleshy, organic-looking material that expands and contracts depending on the amount of stress your computer is experiencing ....
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Dell Latitude Z: 16-inch notebook weighs 4.5 pounds, charges wirelessly

Dell’s got something for the business set today in the 16-inch Latitude Z, a $2000 notebook that measures just over half an inch thick, weighs 4.5 pounds, and charges wirelessly ....
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The Very First Lighter Phone SB6309

Although I fully admit to chuckling quite a bit after first seeing this cellphone with a built-in cigarette lighter, I can see some practicality with it. After all, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard of my smoking friends losing their lighter. I’ve been asked numerous times if I happen to have a lighter on me, despite that they’re fully aware I don’t smoke. Having a lighter built into your cellphone would come in incredibly handy. After all, your phone is almost always somewhere within reach.....
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Blogrollx is a free service that helps to put bloggers together to increase substantial links within their own areas of interest. It’s honestly the most straight forward way to exchange blogroll links that I have seen so far on a larger scale. Once you sign up you only need to show what type of blog as well as what type of blogs you want to network with- niche, page rank, etc.

After registering on the site there are no fees that need to be worried about or forced link exchanges that you need to participate in. In fact all of it is voluntary. They will allow you to network with other blog writers and it is a mutual choice on if links will be exchanged or not. Once you find other bloggers in your niche you are set on starting to offer exchanges between them. It’s a great service and if you are looking for other bloggers to trade links with I suggest signing up to Blogrollx today.

WeatherFlash - Weather Forecasts Worldwide

Posted by Wonderful-Tricks

It is always good to be confident about how is the weather going to be like in the next hours, isn’t it? In case you are looking for a trustable website that will give you the results you need about the weather, take a look at this online resource.
WeatherFlash is an interesting solution that was especially created, designed, and developed with the intention to give you an attractive and useful service: the weather forecast.

It’s very simple to search for results. You could easily find what you are looking for by entering the name of a city in the search box. The exact climatic data will be triggered by the system within seconds.

My traveler friend recently told me about this website and I personally like it and find it to be trustworthy.

If anyone knows of any better weather website, please feel free to share the links.

Visit the site

Gadget Blog Blogger Template

Posted by Wonderful-Tricks

Introducing my new blogger template, Gadget Blog Template. As its name, this template suitable for gadget and technology blog, discussing about phone, ipod, notebook, and another gadget.

Three Column
Three Column at lower section
Ads Ready
Gadget product featured
Automatic readmore and thumbnail
Work in all major browser

You can preview and download here


Posted by Wonderful-Tricks

Telecom Minister A Raja, who has retained the portfolio he held in the previous UPA government,quoted in an interview that 3G auction will be held in two months and his top priority is to bring down the mobile tariffs to 10 paise a minute for local calls and 25 paise a minute for STD calls.

In India at present local call rates vary from 40 paise to Re 1, and national call rates from Re 1 to Rs 2 a minute.Raja, who got the prestigious Communications and IT Ministry for the second consecutive term, feels there is enough scope for tariffs to come down and the policies followed during his previous stint would help in achieving this.

Besides, lowering the call tariffs auction of spectrum for 3G services and introduction of IT at the lowest level in government to make possible paperless functioning are also on top of his agenda.

The Minister is likely to take charge next week as he, along with his other cabinet colleagues, flew to Chennai this morning to seek their leader’s (Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi) blessings.


Bharti Airtel India’s leading telecom service provider today announced the launch of the Magic Dekho Talktime Pao offer on its DTH service known as digital TV. With this offer for Airtel Prepaid Mobile customers across the country where on buying a digital TV connection at Rs. 2000 with 3 months of Super Value Pack will get Own Net TalkTime up to 1000 minutes.

This offer is valid for Airtel Prepaid Mobile customer and they receives 1000 minutes of local Airtel to Airtel talktime for customers in the southern region, need buy a digital TV from Airtel at Rs 2000 with 5 months of South Value Pack and receive 750 minutes of local Airtel to Airtel talktime.The offer is valid only till June 30, 2009.

To avail the offer, a airtel customers has to follow a simple 3-step process. First, Airtel Prepaid Mobile customer purchases a digital TV connection from any Airtel digital TV retail outlet. Second, he calls 1800 102 8080 to register his new connection and share his Airtel Prepaid Mobile number. Thirdly, talktime is credited on his Airtel Prepaid Mobile account within 7 days of activation of his digital TV connection.



Posted by Wonderful-Tricks

The CDMA Development Group has announced that there are now more than 100 Million CDMA subscribers in India It took CDMA, which competes with the GSM (global system of mobile communication) platform globally, six and a half years to reach the 100 million mark in India,making it the world’s second largest CDMA market.

Reliance Communications and Tata Teleservices are placed among the top five CDMA operators globally ranking second and fourth respectively while India overtook China to become the second-largest CDMA market, the country’s leading service provider Reliance Communications (RCOM) has become the second-largest CDMA service provider behind the USA’s Verizon Wireless, the CDMA Development Group (CDG) said. Tata Teleservices is ranked fourth in the list of top global players, behind China Telecom


LG Launches DTXTR Tool To Help Parents

Posted by Wonderful-Tricks

LG has launched an amusing (and for some, useful) application that enables you to translate over 2000 words teens tend to use when they’re sending text messages to regular English, and the other way around. The tool is called DTXTR and the aim is to let is keep you in the know of what these kids are txting bout these days, xactli.

Frankly, there are a lot of basic words that can’t be converted to ‘teen text’ with the tool yet, but you can always submit a term for inclusion in the glossary. And if you want to test your own mad txt skills, you can do a little quiz on the site to see if you’re up with the times or not.

Yesterday, the NY Times came out with an article on texting, with physicians and psychologists saying the increased usage of SMS by teens leads to “anxiety, distraction in school, falling grades, repetitive stress injury and sleep deprivation”. Just imagine how much more of that you’d see if teens were to use full phrases and actual words in text messages!


Minus is a concept frozen garbage bin that is able to take all types of organic trash and freeze it. As this product uses cooling grid, there will be no bad smell and pollution at your place and frozen garbage will stop leaving ruins around. Moreover, the antibacterial UV light eliminates all the bacteria as well as prevents them to replicate. The transparent cover will allow you to see the inside space status from outside so that you can know if it’s full or there is available space for more garbage. The blue light will create a nice ambiance in your place and the inner temperature can be controlled from the control panel placed in the body of Minus.


Heated Itch Relief

Posted by Wonderful-Tricks

Sooth the itch of mosquito bites in seconds with Heated Itch Relief.

Just press the head of this pocket-size electronic device right onto the bite and hold. Heated Itch Relief's gentle heating element helps neutralize the insect-injected proteins that cause itching and swelling. Heated Itch Relief is also effective on bites from fleas, gnats, and horseflies. There are no chemicals, so Heated Itch Relief is safe even on a child's sensitive skin. For best results, use Heated Itch Relief immediately after bites. The Heated Itch Relief device runs on 2 AAA batteries (sold separately).

Benefits of the Heated Itch Relief:

Scratching can lead to infections, so use Heated Itch Relief to stop the itch
Larger insect bites may require several applications of the Heated Itch Relief device
Pocket-sized Heated Itch Relief is great to take along on picnics or camping trips


As the 9/11 inferno unfolded on television, one question kept dogging Kevin Stone: Why weren't the people trapped in the World Trade Center able to make their way to safety? "I said to myself, This is crazy," recalls Stone, an orthopedic surgeon and seasoned inventor in San Francisco. "There should be a better way to exit a skyscraper when something like this happens."

Stone found all the existing systems for rescuing people from high places to be flawed or impractical, so he designed a device based on a fishing reel, a simple harness that would lower people steadily from skyscraper heights on a secure length of cord. The Rescue Reel affords people an easy way to engineer their own escape: All users have to do is open a file-drawer-size container and hook a Kevlar cord to a secure object or connection point (such as between a door and its frame). Then they step directly into the one-size-fits-all harness and rappel through an open window up to 100 stories from the ground. No special training is needed, and the entire sequence could take less than a minute.

Stone's major innovation is a centrifugal braking system that automatically controls the rate of descent. The Rescue Reel's cord unwinds from a spool and wraps around a shaft connected to a brake. As the shaft spins, a set of brake pads exerts force on the inner edge of the brake housing, smoothly slowing the user down. Should the automatic brake fail, the device is also equipped with a manual backup brake lever. Descending from 100 stories up takes less than four minutes—about two seconds per story.

Rescue Reel: How It Works: As the cord unwinds, a self-adjusting braking system ensures that the wearer descends at a constant rate Bland Designs
Stone tested a prototype in 2007, and Skala, a company specializing in rope-access systems, has since conducted extensive tests of the device at California's Vallejo Fire Department. It's a significant upgrade from the slow, cumbersome rope systems firefighters usually use for high-floor rescues, says fire-safety consultant Scott Douglass. "It's a lot more automated, and it's easier and more intuitive for the trapped person to use." He thinks it could be used for cliff rescues as well.

Now that testing is complete, Stone is preparing to market the Rescue Reel. A commercial-ready version should be available next year for about $1,500. He foresees lowering the price considerably once he starts mass production, making it practical for building owners who want to give their tenants an escape clause.


Sharp Develops Five-Primary-Color LCD

Posted by Wonderful-Tricks

Here's maybe one of the most interesting pieces of news so far from the SID, Sharp's latest 60.5” Five-Primary-Color LCD that reproduces amazing colors that can be perceived by human eyes…

While we don't have any pictures of this beast or have seen it up close, we'll have to take Sharp's announcement for granted and hope for some real feedback from SID attendees.

Sharp Corporation has developed a five-primary-color display that faithfully reproduces the real surface colors that humans are capable of perceiving. A prototype of this display will be exhibited at the international symposium of the Society for Information Display (SID) to be held in San Antonio, Texas, US from May 31 through June 5, 2009.

Demand for displays that can render colors in a manner faithful to the appearances of naturally occurring surface colors or designed colors is growing stronger in fields such as industrial design, digital archiving, network-based remote medical care, and electronic commerce. Thus various efforts to satisfy these requests are intensifying, prompting, for example, the development of natural vision technology.

This five-primary-color display comprises “Multi-Primary-Color Technology” that features special image processing circuitry, in addition to the display panel whose pixel structure is based on five-color filters that add the colors C (cyan) and Y (yellow) to the three colors of R (red), G (green), and B (blue). This combination expands the color gamut (range of reproducible colors) that can be rendered within the color spectrum that humans can discern with the unaided eye, and enables the display to reproduce more than 99% of real surface colors. Nearly all real surface colors can be rendered faithfully, including colors that have been difficult to render using conventional LCD monitors—the color of the sea (emerald blue), brass instruments (golden yellow), and roses (crimson red), for example. As adoption of this technology will enable more efficient use of light energy produced by the backlight, this display will also provide greater energy savings.

In the future, Sharp will be working to further improve the basic performance of this display and making efforts toward its practical application.


Aqua Pulse - underwater heart rate monitor

Posted by Wonderful-Tricks

The Aqua Pulse heart rate monitor allows aquatic sports people to keep track of their exertion in a fairly non-intrusive method. The unit slides under your goggle strap and the electrode clips to your ear lobe to measure your pulse. The computer in the Aqua Pulse then speaks your pulse to you via bone conduction so you can continue to train without disruption.

There are different measurement periods and programmes and the rechargeable battery is good for 8 hours of continuous use. AU$249 down under but shop around.

The new Aqua Pulse HRM has been created specifically for swimmers. Its water proof design changes both how the heart rate is sensed and how the heart rate is transmitted to the user. All functions are integrated into one small unit that the user clips on to their goggle strap and rests on their temple.


Star Wars Darth Vader Back Buddy

Posted by Wonderful-Tricks

Take Darth Vader with you everywhere! Great for carrying school supplies and more. This stylish and unique Star Wars Darth Vader back buddy is made of 100% polyester and recommend for ages 3 and up. has them for pre-order for $39.99, and they’re expected to ship sometime in August of this year.


How to Create A Shutdown Timer for Windows

Posted by Wonderful-Tricks

Do you know that you can make your PC shutdown at a time u wish to?
Here is the trick!!
How To Make A Shutdown Timer!


  • Right click on your desktop and choose "New=>shortcuts".
  • In the box that says "Type the location of the shortcut",
    type in "shutdown -s -t 3600" without the quotation marks and click next.

    Note: 3600 are the amount of seconds before your computer shuts down. So , 60secs*60mins=3600secs.

  • Make up a name for the shortcut and you're done.
  • You can change the icon by right clicking=>properities=>change icon=>browse

To make an abort key to stop the shutdown timer just create another shortcut and make
the "location of the shortcut" to "shutdown -a" without the quotes.



Here is another trick to shutdown at a specific time, for example you wish to shutdown at 11:35am.

Type this in

Type Code: at 11:35 shutdown -s


Type this in

Code: shutdown -a

How to Write Sentences Upside Down?

Posted by Wonderful-Tricks

ǝǝʇıs ǝɥʇ ƃuıʇısıʌ ɹoɟ sʞuɐɥʇ ıɥ You want to write a sentence like the above? continue reading this article Ok!
You can use this in the letter upside facebook, email, blog, comments, etc.. Use the form of the sentence reversed very fun!for those of you that ignorant and want to make your friend upset simply visit this site
You stay or enter some words and sentences automatically any posts you will be reversed. copy any posts and in the place you choose. now you can make your friend upset. Happy writing!

Below are the steps:

  • Please visit the site
  • Write down the text that you want to flip in the text area under "Original text (type here)"
  • Automatically, the text you have written will be available in the text area under "Flipped text (point your mouse over)" and has been flipped.
  • Point your mouse over the flipped text, then it will be automatically highlighted for the entire text. Please copy and paste on email, comment box, FaceBook, or whatever.
  • Done

Visit - fliptextgenerator

Play online games in Google Talk

Posted by Wonderful-Tricks

Now you can enjoy online games while chatting with buddies on Google Talk. Currently, this only works in web based Google Talk Sandbox and will soon be available in Gtalk application installed on your computer. Here is quick procedure to get started with playing games with friends on web based Google Talk:

1. Open Google Talk Sandbox (use Firefox, nogo in IE!).
2. Click on any friend name in your Gtalk buddy list.
3. Click Options > Start Applications
4. Then enter URL of game gadget and start playing.

Like for game of Chess use:

For Rock Paper Scissors use:

Interpreter -


Falkner Press Blogger XML Template

Posted by Wonderful-Tricks

Falkner Press is a mind blowing magazine style blogger template with so many cool features including Automatic Thumbnails and Automatic Post summarize on homepage, Youtube video integration,etc.This template was originally designed by Dreamlinestudio and Falkner Press Blogger XML Template converted to blogger by Bloggertricks

Demo site here

Download from here

Jammin’ Johns Toilet Seats

Posted by Wonderful-Tricks

Using the toilet doesn’t really require a whole lot, you need the toilet and some toilet paper. However, if you want to make using the toilet into a whole new experience, you might be forced to fork out some extra cash. These seats inspired by musical instruments will turn your bathroom usage into a musical experience. At least it’d better since you’re going to pay a whole $169 per seat. At that price it had better be the most comfortable seat ever created too.


LED Car Wind Turbine

Posted by Wonderful-Tricks

No cable, and no batteries required, the Wind Powered Car Light with 4 LED turn on automatically when you drive, turn off automatically when car stops. Easy installation with double-side adhesive tape.


Application without power supply and wiring.
Red, green and blue LEDs light up by wind powered while car is motion.
Warning to other vehicles and passer by the Wind Powered Auto Light.
It features plastic construction with 4 LED.
Easy to install, the LED Car Light can be sticked on any horizontal surface.
Do not install it on any rotational parts of the vehicles.
The Auto Flashing Light also can be used as a decorative.
Comes with a double side sticker for easy installation!
Color: Silvery and crystal
Dimension: ~11.9(L) x 6.2(W) x 6.2(H)cm
Weight: 86g


D-Link Network Monitor Widget

Posted by Wonderful-Tricks

A great router just keeps getting better! D-Link's award-winning series of DIR routers (including the DIR-625, DIR-628, DIR-655, DIR-825, DIR-855) and the DGL-4500 models now let users monitor network performance with our Network Monitor Widget available from Yahoo!, Windows Vista and Mac.
Widgets are small windows that reside on your computer desktop to provide at-a-glance views of your favorite web services, like news headlines, PC/MAC performance or the status of computer components such as an Xtreme N network.

The latest version of our widget displays key network performance data including real-time Internet and network connection speeds, IP addresses of networked devices, security settings, port connections and more.


On the weekend, my son tried to fly his kite, but unfortunately for him there was no wind around to help. The Kazoo Indoor Kite from Silverlit is powered by electricity, so that with or without wind, you can fly this kite.
It is easy to assemble and easier to fly. In fact, Silverlit is so confident that you can fly this kite anywhere and anytime, that it markets this as “the Worlds First Indoor Kite”. It has a unique touch sensor control and a tri- and quad-blade spin construction with microchip design for precision flying.


Powered by Electricity, NO Wind Required
Tri- and Quad-Blade Spin Construction
Unique Touch Sensor
Microchip Design
Easy to Fly
Includes: Silverlit Kazoo Electronic Remote Control Indoor Flying Kite
Easy Assembly
Requires 8 x AA Alkaline Batteries for Remote Control (Not Included)


If you know what to do when Andre3000 tells you to shake it like a Polaroid picture, then you’re probably well acquainted with the anachronistic instant cameras from as early as the late 40’s. For the younger folks out there, instant cameras have built-in printers and use self-developing films, allowing users to print their pictures seconds after each shot. Polaroid doesn’t make film cameras anymore, but they’ve embraced other modern technologies as well to come up with the Polaroid PoGo, a digital instant camera.

The old instant cameras could print pics on the spot, but you had no way of viewing or editing the pictures prior to printing, an option that’s all too common nowadays in digital cameras. The PoGo combines the best of both worlds, which means you can shoot, preview, re-shoot if needed, edit and then print all from the same device.The PoGo can print up to 15 pictures on a fully charged battery, but you can also transfer your shots to a computer via USB so you can view or print on your PC later.

As you can see, the 5.0 megapixel PoGo is equipped with a 3.0″ LCD screen, where you can preview your photo and edit them if you wish. You can crop, remove red-eye, add borders and even print dates on your photos before you print them. It takes 40 seconds for a picture to be printed on the PoGo - not much different than waiting for a classic Polaroid to develop.

The PoGo prints pictures on a 2″x3″ heat-activated photo paper called Zink (short for Zero Ink). Zink paper is “smudge-proof, water-resistant, fade-resistant and tear-proof” and environment-friendly as well. The PoGo is available at Amazon for $199.95 (USD). Extra sheets of Zink paper are also $12.99 for a pack of 30.


Now save money in an artform

Posted by Wonderful-Tricks

Most change banks just sit on your desk or dresser looking unattractive. They certainly don't stan on their own as unique pieces of furniture. This Coin Bank does, however.

The Coin Bank consists of two pieces of glass pressed together with lots of little pegs between. To use it, simply drop your change in through the slot in the top. It'll bounce its way all the way to the bottom, where it'll stay until you unlock and empty it. It looks cool and would be fun to use as well, as long as you can justify the serious amount of coin this thing will probably set you back.

Source: dvice

Sanwa, propose in Japan 2 new Memory Key, the 600-UZ16G and 600-UZ32G… These 2 keys offers both a USB and eSATA connector and propose a reading speed up to 75MB/sec when used in eSATA.

Source: akihabaranews

ConveyThis offers free translation button that can be easily added to any blog or website. It’s free and takes about a minute to integrate. This will enable your readers to translate any webpage to the their native language with a single click.
The button is fully customizable and can be styled to match your site’s theme. It’s quite similar to AddThis, but instead of letting your readers to bookmark the page it offers automatic translation.


Free translation button for your website.
Customize your buttons style and color.
Translate using Babelfish, Google Translate, WorldLingo, SDL, Live Translator or Promt.
Get translation stats.

Check out ConveyThis @
Credits: makeuseof

Best time to answer the call of nature

Posted by Wonderful-Tricks

Today’s Web site tells you the best time to answer the call of nature when watching a movie. With running times of most movies going close to two hours, this resource tells you what’s the best time to make a run for the snack bar or the restroom.

The content is user-generated and includes spoilers for the minutes when you will be missing out on the plot. The site will soon be reincarnated as an iPhone application, and a new mobile version is planned too.

GirlsAskGuys is all about putting your situation into a forum and hearing from people of the opposite sex exactly what they think about it. Of course, your own gender-mates are free to offer their own two cents, but the basic purpose is to know what the other side is thinking, right?
Registration is key to using the interactive message board; so create an anonymous profile and get started fast!

The site offers some basic sections on the most popular topics that feature in such musings: flirting, dating, relationships, sexuality, break-up, behaviour, style and others. The idea is to visit the section that fits your query best and post a question there. Site members and visitors will see your question and reply with their advice. It’s a simple give-and-take system, so if you see someone else’s query that you have an opinion on, please do contribute.

While the Q&A is the premise of the site, it does offer other content as well. The articles, for one, are a great source of quick knowledge for teenage readers.

Browsing is made easier by drop-down boxes for ‘Ask’, ‘Answer’, ‘Contests’, ‘Videos’, ‘Articles’ and ‘Reality’. ‘Answer’ is the most important section among these, as it offers quick links to recently asked questions, expert videos, polls, most popular and top-rated Q&As and a special section for those that have yet gone unanswered.

So what’re you waiting for? Have a peek into the mind of the other sex…


Credits: mumbaimirror

Opinions and reviews of travellers

Posted by Wonderful-Tricks

Virtual Tourist is just such a Web site, collecting the opinions and reviews of travellers from across the globe, about almost every location you can throw at it. With over 1.7 million reviews and almost 3.5 million photos from over a million members, this resource has a ton of data on offer.
Upon visiting the site, you are greeted with a map of the world to help you narrow down your destination, or a list of the top spots around the world, such as Paris, Bangkok, Amsterdam, Venice, Las Vegas, etc. Alternatively, you can always avail of the search bar to quickly locate your spot.

When you choose your location, you are given a listing of the various aspects of any travel spot: hotels, things to do, restaurants, local customs, nightlife, transportation, warnings or dangers, packing lists, shopping, sports travel and general tips. There’s also a section titled ‘Off the beaten path’, which hosts some of the weird discoveries that travellers make along the way – check out the Mumbai section for a few items that even you might not be aware of!

Each section comes with many reviews from the site members as well as photos and videos if available. A rating system helps for a quick analysis, while the ‘Top 5 Pages’ provide ample information about the place. And yes, the local Virtual Tourist members offer various services for fellow travellers.

So if you are packing your backpack, you know which site to visit before you tie your shoelace…


Credits: Mubaimirror

Free Hot Orange Blogger Template

Posted by Wonderful-Tricks

TThis Template is Designed by BloggerStop.Net and it is inspired by the work of Hot Orange. Hope so you people like it.

Demo | Download

Free Premium Blogger Template - Lenomag

Posted by Wonderful-Tricks

This is free wordpress theme converted into blogger. Just have a look at it Live Preview . This template has been added to our list because of its wonderful features.
Having Two Column.
Having Three Column at the Top.
Having Three Variant Color.
Animated Navigation.
Automated Readmore Script.
Having LinkList in Navigation.
Embeded Comment Form Below Post
Every Hack Supported.
You Can Customize As you want
Clean Layout
Easily Customizable
And Many More.


This is free wordpress theme converted into blogger by ritesh sanap.I am sure you would like to use this template for sure.

Make Money Online with Shortened URLs

Posted by Wonderful-Tricks

Hey fans, here comes a very innovative URL shortening service, which pays users for shortening long links. offers cash for shortening URLs. Here are some cool features of this service :

Minimum pay-out $25.
Payments by Paypal.
Offers referral program.
Creates short URLs for long (and ugly) URLs, e.g. -

How Works

You earn money from each visitor to your shortened links. They show an ad before the shortened link loads. Each ad that is shown earns you money!
They have some great plans for future. Surely, an innovative way to earn from twitter and other social media.

According to their website, link publishers can expect to earn anywhere between $0.50 to $5.00 per 1000 visitors. So, your earning will depend on how many people click on your links. They also have a referral program which will pay you a portion of your referral’s earnings for life! You can withdraw your earnings anytime via PayPal when you have earned $25 or more.

Link : Try

Vodafone's 'ZooZoo' ad wins Peta award

Posted by Wonderful-Tricks

Vodafone has won PETA (People for Ethical Treatment for Animals) India's first Glitter Box awards for its popular 'ZooZoo' advertisement.
The awards are given to businesses that take advantage of humane alternatives to the use of real animals in their advertisements, PETA said in a press release here.
'ZooZoo' is part of the latest Vodafone ad campaign which has replaced the company's 'pug' ad campaign. PETA had raised objections in the past to the use of animals, including a parakeet and a dog in Vodafone's advertisement campaigns.

The 'pug' advertisement was bad news for real life pugs as many viewers purchased pugs and breeders cranked out as many puppies as they could. Late when the fad appeal wore off,many dogs ended up in shelters or were abandoned,the release said.

'ZooZoo' ads are a refreshing change from earlier Vodafone campaigns, says PETA Chief Functionary, Anuradha Sawhney.

"The popularity of this ad campaign proves there are many creative ways to convey a message without using animals.

Animals used in films are often treated as little more than props and many suffer terribly behind the scenes," she said.

Source: The Hindu

There's a new feature in Gmail Labs called Inbox Preview that will actually show you the 10 most recent message headers in your inbox while you're waiting for Gmail to fully load.
Honestly, I'm not sure how useful this feature is, since 90% of the time Gmail loads quickly enough for me that I would have to struggle to read even the first message header before it disappears. But if you have a slower system, maybe you'll find Inbox Preview more helpful.

To enable this feature:

Login to your Gmail account
Go to Setting > Labs
Scroll down to “Inbox Preview” from the list
Select Enable
Save changes

(Source: Gmail blog)

Become an Terminator in few seconds

Posted by Wonderful-Tricks

In just a few simple steps you can become a terminate yourself.Upload a picture and follow the online instructions.

Test and Improve your coding skills

Posted by Wonderful-Tricks

A non-commercial web site for Indian coders, CodeChef supports over 35 programming languages, and has a large community that helps students and professionals test and improve their coding skill.

Participants can win monthly prizes in coding contests, held for all the 35 programming languages supported, and win the adulation and respect of their peers. It’s a great platform for developers to discuss and hone their skills.

Visit: Codechef

Get Best Beautiful Fonts For Free Download

Posted by Wonderful-Tricks

Fontex has spent plenty of hours to compile hand-picked fonts for you. Fontex is an amazing resource for everyone to download hand picked free fonts. New fonts are added regularly. Get Fonts installation instruction here.

Download Fonts Here

Can we Add Rss Feeds Image button in front of all your blogger labels? the answer is, yes friend now you can add rss feeds button to your each label so that your readers can subscribe to your particular categories only they like the most instead of subscribing for your all blog posts.This is very useful for blogs who have mixed type content with several different categories in there blog.
Now let's see how to add this rss feed button to each blogger label.

Important- You must have installed your label widget in your sidebar before continuing this hack,otherwise you will not find below codes.

Login to Blogger Then Go To Layout > Edit Html > Expand Widgets.

Now search for below codes :-

<b:loop values='data:labels' var='label'>
<b:if cond='data:blog.url == data:label.url'>
<span expr:dir='data:blog.languageDirection'><></span>
<a expr:dir='data:blog.languageDirection' expr:href='data:label.url'><></a>
<span dir='ltr'/>

And replace the above codes with below one :-

<b:loop values='data:labels' var='label'>

<a expr:href='data:blog.homepageUrl + &quot;feeds/posts/default/-/&quot; +'><img alt='Subscribe' src='' style='vertical-align:middle;border:0'/></a>

<b:if cond='data:blog.url == data:label.url'>
<span expr:dir='data:blog.languageDirection'><></span>
<a expr:dir='data:blog.languageDirection' expr:href='data:label.url'><></a>
<span dir='ltr'/>

Now just what i have done is just addded small piece of red code in between the codes of labels.The code simply contains a image of rss feed which i have taken from feedburner site to have no problem in use for everybody and i have linked that image with the rss subscribe url for blogger labels.If you dont like image you can change it with yours.

With the use of this it becomes very easy for your reader to subscribe for only your favorite content instead for all posts.

Credits:Anshul is a free online photo editing service. This service is useful for adding special effects to your photos. You can easily add your’s or someone’s photos to unique situation.
With you can also add or embed your face from your photo to various templates. Other free services provided by are that you can ecorate your photos with a beautiful frames and also trim photos with different and funny shapes.

How does works?

Just 3 simple steps to get your unique and funny picture:

Select Service (LoonaPic Effect, Face Effect, Photo Frames, or Photo Trim)
Upload photo to the website (max size of photo is 5 MB)
Select effect, frame , or trim shape and click Save.
Look out for the Create and Save buttons which are too small and placed between the ads.

After your picture has been created, you can add it to LoonaPix’s gallery or you can download it into your computer. You can also send the photos to your family or friends. also provides HTML codes that you can place into your blog or profile at orkut, facebook, etc.

Forms are used to do a lot of interesting things online, however, unfortunately creating forms which definitely do serve the correct purpose and at the same time are usable is a pretty much up the mill task. Thanks to Wufoo you dont need to worry about this anymore.

Wufoo’s HTML form builder helps anyone create contact forms, web surveys, and invitations so they can collect the data, registrations and online payments they need without writing a single line of code.

Wufoo provides various types of accounts including Free accounts. Each account type comes with its own features. With a free account, you could however create 3 forms with 10 fields and 100 entries/month.

Here are some of the areas where Wufoo could be used:

Contact Form
Mailing List
Job Application
Workshop Registration
Event Calendar
Account Management
Customer Management
Invitations / RSVP
Online Orders
Wedding Planner
Address Book
Home Finances
Personal Journal
Quizzes / Tests

Can New Search Engine Kumo Outdo Google

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Code-named 'Kumo,' Microsoft's upgraded and revamped 'Live Search' is set to make its public debut next week at the "D: All Things Digital" conference, according to Digital Daily. The three day event will feature a number of guest speakers, including Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. Microsoft representatives are expected to demonstrate the retooled search engine, which will feature interface changes as well as the incorporation of semantic search technology.

Since Microsoft has been losing market share in search over the past year, challenging Google seems laughable (especially since Google's already stout market share of 64.2-percent is up from last year). But with the new upgrades, Microsoft might do well to set its sights on Yahoo!, although Yahoo!'s not going without a fight. The company has been unveiling changes of its own, including making its search engine more mobile friendly by providing boxes of specific information, rather than merely links to other sites.

In classic fashion, Microsoft has arranged deals with Dell and Lenovo to make Kumo the default search engine on their products, so there may be a built-in bump there. The changes may not result in Kumo challenging Google's dominance, but it could at least inspire Microsoft employees to quit using Google at work.

[From: All Things Digital]

A quick and easy way to find or delegate work online, ShortTask is divided into two communities: solvers and seekers.

Seekers post their requirements and their bids, while solvers are freelance workers who get the job done. Those looking at some freelance data entry, research, writing and design jobs should apply. Payments are made using Paypal.

Visit: shorttask

This post explains how to add Recent Posts widget in Blogger with image thumbnails and comment count fot the post. I hope so many are eagerly waiting for this type of widget. So no more of waiting the trick is here you people can add this cool trick in your blogs.
So, let's see how to install this cool widget in your blog..

1. Sign into Blogger dashboard

2. Go to Layout » Add a gadget » html/javascript

3. Just copy and paste this code..

<script language="JavaScript">

imgr = new Array();

imgr[0] = "";

imgr[1] = "";

imgr[2] = "";

imgr[3] = "";

imgr[4] = "";
showRandomImg = true;

boxwidth = 298;

cellspacing = 8;

borderColor = "#ffffff";

bgTD = "#000000";

thumbwidth = 40;

thumbheight = 40;

fntsize = 12;

acolor = "#666";

aBold = true;

icon = " ";

text = "comments";

showPostDate = false;

summaryPost = 40;

summaryFontsize = 10;

summaryColor = "#666";

icon2 = " ";

numposts = 5;

home_page = "";


<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

(Edit the values to fit your blog)

boxwidth - Width of the widget
cellspacing - Space between cells (default one is good)
borderColor - Border color (add the background color of your template to perfectly blend it in the template)
thumbwidth & thumbheight - Width and Height of the thumbnail (default are good)
fontsize - Font size of the title
acolor - Color of the title
aBold - you want bold titles? (true or false)
numposts - How many posts you want to show?
home_page : (change this to your blog url)

This script is currently hosted in my server ( ).
But, it is STRONGLY Recommended to download the script and upload to your own hosting (google for free javascripts hosts) and replace that url with yours.

4. Last but not the least.. Save the Changes.

That's it guys!

Note : Make sure you selected YES in Settings » Site Feed » Full » Allow Blog Feeds

Watch the uncut edition of IPL cricket

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Watch the uncut edition of IPL cricket, live on your PC, without any intrusive ad breaks. You need to install Silverlight, Microsoft’s own proprietary version of Adobe Flash – though there’s a shockwave version which has grainier reception. It goes without saying that you need to have a decent broadband connection, even though Silverlight is capable of adaptive streaming, and automatically chooses the best bitrate based on bandwidth available.

Visit: Livevideo.t20

Drugged dad bites out child's eye

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A FOUR-YEAR-OLD California boy may be permanently blinded after his father bit out one of his eyes and mutilated the other.
Police told The Bakersfield Californian Angel Vidal Mendoza, 34, appeared to be under the influence of the drug PCP when he attacked the boy on April 28.

They said Mr Mendoza later rolled his wheelchair outside and began hacking at his own legs with an axe.

Angelo Mendoza Junior told police, "My daddy ate my eyes", The Associated Press (AP) reported.

Doctors at Mercy Hospital said it is unclear whether Angelo will regain vision in his right eye.

The boy's mother wasn't home at the time, AP said.

Mr Mendoza is due in court on Thursday charged with mayhem, torture and child cruelty.

Source: News

Shopping Bag Blogger Template

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As its name, Shopping Bag Blogger Template, suitable for online shopping blog. This template is simply but colorful. Recommended Product Featured make it possible to show your best product.

Template Description :
Three column
Adsense ready
Product Featured
Automatic thumbnail and readmore
Work in all major browser
Auto alignment post

You can preview and download it here

The site, which launched in 1996, covered all aspects of flight simulation, although its main focus was on Microsoft's Flight Simulator.
The attack took down the site's two servers and the owners had not established an external backup system.
The site's founder, Tom Allensworth, said that the site would be down for the foreseeable future and was unsure if would ever go back up.
"The method of the hack makes recovery difficult, if not impossible, to recover from," Mr Allensworth said in a statement.
"AVSIM is totally offline at this time and we expect to be so for some time to come. We are not able to predict when we will be back online, if we can come back at all. "


The attack has shocked the flight sim community, with hundreds of blogs, posts and tweets. One user on the website said that "there's a special place in hell for hackers who pull stunts like this".

Speaking to the BBC, Derek Davis, editor of PC Pilot magazine, said: "It looks like 13 years of hard work on Tom's part could have been wiped out.

"Avsim is an important site, because it services the whole community as a source of community developed terrains, skins, and mods - its contribution has been immeasurable," he said.

Mr Allensworth has set up a temporary forum for Avsim users while the future of the site is decided.

On it, he explained the site's backing-up process, although he did not explain why the firm had no external media storage.

"Some have asked whether or not we had back-ups. Yes, we dutifully backed up our servers every day. Unfortunately, we backed up the servers between our two servers.

"The hacker took out both servers, destroying our ability to use one or the other back-up to remedy the situation."

Mr Davis said he thought the site still had a future: "I'm sure Avsim will rise like a phoenix from the ashes and will be bigger and better than before."

Source: bbc

Hindus Protest PS2 Game Released in India

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A few weeks ago, it was revealed that some Hindu leaders were offended by a new PS2 game that happened to be the first title developed in India. Hanuman: Boy Warrior raised the ire of some Hindus because it "trivializes" one of the major deities of the Hindi religion. As a result, the offended parties are calling for a worldwide boycott of Sony products.

The protest has been led by Rajan Zed (pictured), president of Universal Society of Hinduism, and it's largely been conducted via email so far. In a press release this week, Zed explained that Sony's officials stated they would look into the issue, but they have yet to actually give a response.

According to Zed, "If nothing was heard by Hindu leaders from Sony by May 21, then all the protesting Hindu groups and leaders would re-evaluate the protest and announce the future course, which might include calling for boycott of Sony products world over by Hindus and other likeminded people and supporters."

Exactly how effective this boycott might be is hard to determine, as it's difficult to determine how many Hindus are truly offended by the game outside of a small set of the community's leaders. That said, some different Hindu organizations have joined the protest on different continents.


Convert Text to Speech with VozMe

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VozMe is a free web tool, which allows you to convert text into speech.
To convert the text to voice, you just have to type your text into a box provided on VozMe, and it will convert the text into an mp3 file, which you can download and use enywhere. The quality of this audio file is pretty good and you can also use it your websites, blogs etc. or can have fun with. iGoogle users, can also integrate Vozme into their homepage.

VozMe also makes available java scripts and codes for the bloggers and webmasters to integrate into their blogs and websites, which allow users and visitors to listen the text. One more thing, the text to audio conversion facility is also available for Spanish, besides the default English.

Continue to Site: VozMe

An Indian portal dedicated to Formula One Racing, the Web site provides rare and interesting content related to F1 racing.
Most notable is Professor Schumster, a character modelled on race car driver Michael Schumacher who interacts with users by answering their F1 doubts, and teaching them about the sport.
The F1Pulse Racecast is a real-time application that follows each Grand Prix, with timings and text commentary. Other interactive elements include a quiz, fantasy game and a user driven poll.


How To Clean Stuff

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See that little speck on your computer’s screen? You want to get rid of it, don’t you? But if you do touch an LCD screen with your hands, the chances of pixels dying are very high, thus ruining your monitor forever. So what is the proper way to clean an LCD display?
Today’s Web site will be more than glad to help you out. As the name suggests, How To Clean Stuff offers guides for cleaning myriad objects.

The main list of items is available in a pane on the left, which lists broad topics (Automotive, Clothing & Fabrics, Floor & Carpet, House, Kitchen & Bath, Outdoors, People & Pets, Things You Own) with sub-topics in each category (House – Walls and Ceilings; Things You Own – Electronics).

By browsing to the appropriate category, you are presented with a list of various guides. Of course, if you already know what you are looking for, the handy search bar is always ready to go!

While some of the cleaning tips are submitted by readers, the majority are written by the site’s owners.

Each cleaning guide is broken down into simple instructions that make it easy to understand. An introduction comes first, explaining the need for cleaning the object.

This is followed by the preparation for the cleaning, where the guide lists the ingredients or tools needed in the task.

The next section is a step-by-step write-up on how to go about the actual cleaning/removal process.

For some items, additional tips and tricks are provided by the writers; and yes, readers also submit a lot of tips, so don’t forget to check the comments section for each item.


Credits:Mihir Patkar

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