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GirlsAskGuys is all about putting your situation into a forum and hearing from people of the opposite sex exactly what they think about it. Of course, your own gender-mates are free to offer their own two cents, but the basic purpose is to know what the other side is thinking, right?
Registration is key to using the interactive message board; so create an anonymous profile and get started fast!

The site offers some basic sections on the most popular topics that feature in such musings: flirting, dating, relationships, sexuality, break-up, behaviour, style and others. The idea is to visit the section that fits your query best and post a question there. Site members and visitors will see your question and reply with their advice. It’s a simple give-and-take system, so if you see someone else’s query that you have an opinion on, please do contribute.

While the Q&A is the premise of the site, it does offer other content as well. The articles, for one, are a great source of quick knowledge for teenage readers.

Browsing is made easier by drop-down boxes for ‘Ask’, ‘Answer’, ‘Contests’, ‘Videos’, ‘Articles’ and ‘Reality’. ‘Answer’ is the most important section among these, as it offers quick links to recently asked questions, expert videos, polls, most popular and top-rated Q&As and a special section for those that have yet gone unanswered.

So what’re you waiting for? Have a peek into the mind of the other sex…


Credits: mumbaimirror

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