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Trim any YouTube videos -

Posted by Wonderful-Tricks

Trim any YouTube videos -

It’s a common situation for anyone who surfs the Web: You are linked to a video on YouTube by a friend and have to sit through a long clip only to get to the interesting part. Next time you are sharing a clip with someone else, here’s how you can avoid making them go through the entire clip and just show the good bits: TubeChop! This Web tool lets you trim any YouTube video to just the interesting parts and then provides a link for the same. To use the service, you will first have to enter a link to the YouTube video that you want to chop up. Once have selected the start and end times for the clip, simply click the ‘Chop it!’ button and TubeChop will give you a new link, embedded object code and start playing your new video. Quick and easy, this one!

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