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Mechanical tumor, external heart, elastic cell - CPU Load Meter

Interactive media artist Mio I-zawa’s “mechanical tumor” is a quivering hunk of fleshy, organic-looking material that expands and contracts depending on the amount of stress your computer is experiencing ....
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Dell Latitude Z: 16-inch notebook weighs 4.5 pounds, charges wirelessly

Dell’s got something for the business set today in the 16-inch Latitude Z, a $2000 notebook that measures just over half an inch thick, weighs 4.5 pounds, and charges wirelessly ....
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The Very First Lighter Phone SB6309

Although I fully admit to chuckling quite a bit after first seeing this cellphone with a built-in cigarette lighter, I can see some practicality with it. After all, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard of my smoking friends losing their lighter. I’ve been asked numerous times if I happen to have a lighter on me, despite that they’re fully aware I don’t smoke. Having a lighter built into your cellphone would come in incredibly handy. After all, your phone is almost always somewhere within reach.....
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Eraser with built-in brush for eraser bits - absolutely brilliant

How many times do you think you’ve used a pencil eraser and then brushed off the little rubber bits with your pinky? A million times? — a billion? Well, no more! This eraser brush device, while coming about fifty or sixty years too late, will certainly be useful for those of you still using pencils. What’s that? I’m getting reports that no one uses pencils any more, anywhere. That can’t be right.

I kid, I kid. Here in tech world you don’t see a lot of pencils around, but they’re still indispensable in art. Even if as a penciler you end up with stuff like this. I’d say Rob Liefeld could have used a little more eraser in his life.

Anyway, you’ve got yourself a nice professional eraser on one end, and a beautiful head of bristles on the other — what else could you need? It’s even tastefully designed. I want one just to keep in a drawer. Costs 7GBP, or a little over $10, which I think is reasonable.
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BookArc holds your Mac laptop up, turns it into a desktop

The BookArc is a simple stand designed to take your fancy Apple laptop and turn it into a desktop computer. Sort of.

Essentially, it's a sexy stand that holds it vertically and puts it on display, lining up the ports for plugging in stuff like a monitor, keyboard and mouse. For people who like having a large setup at home but want to be able to bring their computer with them on the go, this is a good solution.

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AromaSteam Portable Sauna for Your Studio Apartment

When I go on vacation, one of the first things I look for in a hotel is if they have a sauna and spa facility. Ofcourse you have to usually pay through the nose for such luxury. Well the new AromaSteam sauna is looking to change that. It can easily be plugged into any standard outlet and moved from room to room. Feel like a taking a sauna in your living room? You can now. It assembles in about 10 minutes and uses just a quart of distilled water and you’ll be set for 40 minutes of sauna deliciousness. Temperatures can reach 115-130 degrees F with a warm-up time of about 5-10 minutes. The AromaSteam retails for $2375 from Comfort House.

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Star Wars 5 in 1 Plug n Play TV Game

Posted by Wonderful-Tricks

Star Wars 5 in 1 Plug n Play TV Game

This Star Wars 5-in-1 Plug n Play TV Game gives you 5 games based on Episodes 1,2 and 3 of Star Wars (Amazon and its reviewers differ on this point). There’s Coruscsant Attack, Droid Invasion, Grievous Onslaught, Gunship Battle and Utapau Attack to keep you interested and stave off boredom. The Millennium Falcon controller needs 4 AA batteries and it plugs straight into the AV RCA ports on your telly. US$34.99 from Amazon.

Simply plug it into your TV, and you’re ready to play! / Rated E for everyone / Joystick with built-in video game featuring your favorite characters / Plugs into the A/V jacks on your TV / Requires 4 AA batteries (not included)
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The Bodum Bistro: Ode To A Beautiful Toaster

We like toast, it's a quick snack or even dinner sometimes. But our love for toast is matched by our hatred for cleaning fingerprints off the side of the toaster. That is, until we saw the new rubber exteriors on these brightly colored versions, from Bodum. Is it wrong to call a toaster sexy?

We like the idea of having well used appliances on the counters, but we also love the idea of adding colors to our spaces with more than just flowers. This 900 watt toaster can take on bread slices and bagels alike with adjustable-width slots. It also boasts a warming rack and heat resistant rubber exterior, so not only does it look good, but it will stay cool to the touch! Plus, it's available in 8 knock out colors.

They're available for $79.95 from Sur La Table and for $79.99 over at Amazon, sometimes with a free cutting board (oooh, ahhh).
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Video: iMac is smoking

Posted by Wonderful-Tricks

Video iMac is smoking

This video appeared on Chinese tech website cnbeta. According to the author, he captured this video in this office, with an iPhone. He said the iMac monitor suddenly smoked, and the smoke was gray, and then the screen went black.By that time, he cut off the power. So there should be no fire finally.

The author added:
What would Jobs think if he is watching this video?

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Tac Bac Tactical Bacon in a can

Posted by Wonderful-Tricks

Tac Bac Tactical Bacon in a can

Well I’ve finally come to the conclusion that I’m a bacon prude. I won’t use bacon scented soap, I don’t want bacon flavored lip balm and I certainly do not want my bacon coming from a can. I want it fresh off of the stove top. Well for those of you that are a little more open minded about your bacon, now you can purchase bacon out of a can. When you’re up all night gaming you can just grab this Tac Bac Tactical Bacon. There are about 54 pieces of bacon per can and the cans have over 10 years of shelf life. You can purchase your own for $15.99 from Think Geek.

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Energizer "D" Battery Exposed

Posted by Wonderful-Tricks


Why are Energizer "D" batteries so weak? To find out the answer, I decided to take one apart and see what was inside. As this picture reveals, inside the "D" battery is a much smaller battery! The Energizer "D" battery is actually just a cheap plastic shell surrounding a much smaller, low-capacity battery similar in size and capacity to an "AA" battery (2500 mAh).

This explains why the Energizer "D" rechargeable battery has such low power capacity to begin with. The company doesn't even try to make it a high-capacity "D" battery, it seems. They're filling part of the inside of the battery body with nothing more than cheap plastic and useless air. And how much does Energizer charge for this "D" battery? More than $12 each!

It's true: These inferior "D" batteries cost around $25 for a pack of two. These are known as "Energizer E2 Rechargeable Batteries, Size D," rated at 2500 mAh each. (mAh is a measure of how much power is contained in the battery. It's sort of like the fuel tank in your car. The bigger the number, the more power the battery delivers.)

By comparison, an Energizer AA battery rated at the exact same capacity -- 2500 mAh -- costs about THREE dollars!

So why is a "D" battery priced at 400% more than an AA battery with the exact same capacity? Because Energizer can get away with it, probably. Most consumers have no idea about the mAh numbers. They just look at the physical size of the battery and figure it has more capacity. (Mainstream consumers are remarkably gullible, and few understand any technical specs at all.)

By comparison, check out the Powerex "D" rechargeable batteries at These batteries have more than 300% more power than the Energizer batteries, and they only cost slightly more! ($15 dollars vs. about $12, for triple the power). They're also significantly heavier. And you know why they're heavier? Because they don't contain a bunch of cheap plastic and air gaps inside!
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All-in-One PC Wind Top AE2010

Posted by Wonderful-Tricks

All-in-One PC Wind Top AE2010

• AMD Athlon 2650e Processor / Athlon X2 3250e 1.5GHz
• Genuine Windows Vista® Home Premium
(MSI recommends upgrade to Genuine Windows Vista® Business)
• 20" (16:9), 1600 x 900 Touch Panel
• Classic Leather Design
• Embedded ATI Radeon™ HD 3200 Graphics
• Embedded DVD Super Multi Function
• Exclusive 「MSI Wind Touch UI」Touch Screen Interface
• Featuring the Latest E- SATA Support
• The Most Complete Expanded Interface

All-in-One PC Wind Top AE2010
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ID Guard Stamp creates 'black noise'

Posted by Wonderful-Tricks

ID Guard Stamp creates black noise

I just made up that term as a quick and dirty description of what this device does.
From the website:
ID Guard Stamp
Make personal information impossible to read.
Compact and portable, the ID Guard Stamp covers pertinent data with an impenetrable pattern of characters, discouraging thieves from "borrowing" your identity.

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Vera Electric Kettle by Casa Bugatti

Posted by Wonderful-Tricks

Vera Electric Kettle by Casa Bugatti

Never in our life did we think we'd be lusting over a tea kettle, but we indeed feel some amorous tech lust for these beautifully designed and tech-laden electric kettle from Casa Bugatti...

Vera Electric Kettle by Casa Bugatti
The Vera Electric Kettle offers electronic control for all functions to achieve desired temperature (between 113 and 212°F) for your morning cuppa. From the handle side, the kettle looks a bit like an BSG Cylon, with a screen embedded in the handle which displays temperature control and a clock that shows current time and offers a self timer for planned coffee or tea breaks.

Not yet available, but coming out in the end of September for a price you'd associate with the brand, Bugatti: $300.
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Blogger Releases the new version of the Label Widget

New Blogger Feature: Label Cloud – There’s new news from blogger buzz, now blogger has supported the label cloud.
Label Cloud Widget made by blogger is very interesting; one of the interesting things is that we can choose whether to include the number of post or not, or which labels to be displayed.

If you are still confused how to install blogger label cloud, here are the instructions:

1.Please login to blogger with your ID
2.Click Layout
3.Click Add a Gadget (if you have the gadget in your blog, simply edit it)
4.Click the sign plus ( + ) for Label :

Blogger Releases the new version of the Label Widget

Give the sign for Cloud :

Blogger Releases the new version of the Label Widget

If you want your label cloud with no number of posts, simply remove the tick on "Show number of posts per label"

Blogger Releases the new version of the Label Widget

If you don’t want all labels displayed, you can filter it by giving the sigh on the radio button “Selected Label”, then click edit. Remove the tick/unmark on the label you don’t want to be displayed.

Blogger Releases the new version of the Label Widget

Blogger Releases the new version of the Label Widget

5.To end all settings, of course, click the button SAVE.

There is an experience, that those who have the Label Widget previously don’t succeed to edit their Label Widget. The best way to do is that you have to remove your old label widget first, and then start from the beginning as shown in the instructions above.

Happy enjoying the new feature from blogger, and I hope that blogger will add more features. Congratulations!

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Glow In The Dark Toilet Paper

Posted by Wonderful-Tricks

Glow In The Dark Toilet Paper

The pinnacle of human achievement: glow in the dark toilet paper. Finally, I can sleep at night...knowing that if I have to get up to go to the bathroom, I at least won't sit in the sink again. Or will I? I probably will. It's like a bidet!

Perfect for power cuts, this groovy glowing loo roll means that if you don't want to wake anyone up in your household by turning on the light, it'll cast its green glow over your bathroom, so you can find your way around.
Neat, but each roll will set you back $8 and change. And, as cool as glowing toilet paper is, I can't imagine you'd want something radioactive so close to your privates. I mean, who wants glowing children? Besides everybody! Which is exactly why I just wrapped my penis in a roll. See -- it looks like a mummy!
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Qlocktwo clock tells the time with words

Posted by Wonderful-Tricks

Qlocktwo clock tells the time with words

The QLOCKTWO is a gorgeous modern timepiece uses letters, not numbers to tell you the current time.
Designed by Biegert & Funk, the QLOCKTWO displays text that describes the current time using statements like “IT IS NINE O’CLOCK” or “IT IS FIVE PAST TWO”. Individual minutes are conveyed through the tiny white dots in the corners of the clock. A flip of the switch, and the seconds appear as a giant dot-matrix display behind the letters. And if you’d prefer your time in a language other than English, you’ve got a choice of German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, or French versions too.

The handmade German clock features a painted acrylic or stainless steel face, which tops a sturdy wood box that houses an array of LED backlighting and circuitry required to tell the time. This sophisticated timepiece uses an atomic-synchronized time-signal reciever and automatically adjusts its brightness based on the ambient light around it.

As much as I love the design, the QLOCKTWO isn’t cheap. It retails for €1099.99 (appx. $1565 USD), and interchangeable color faceplates are available starting at €95 (appx. $136 USD) each over at the Biegert & Funk store.

Now for the good news. If you happen to own an iPhone or iPod Touch, you can now grab a nifty little program over on the App Store that simulates the QCLOCKTWO’s functionality on your wonderdevice for just 99 cents. That’s definitely within my budget.

The Screw Key is a key that screws

Posted by Wonderful-Tricks

The Screw Key is a key that screws

The Screw Key is simple enough: a key with a Philips or straight bit on the end. I like it. The construction is solid and there isn’t any colorful plastic parts anywhere that will eventually break. The top of the key is large enough for sausage fingers but not so big that it will become a pain in the pocket. Genius!

I don’t know about the company’s claim that no one has made a similar key ring screwdriver in the last ten years. I sure I’ve seen similar products at lumber yards near the cash register, but whatever, I like this $4.50 solution a lot. I only wish they made a wrench set in 1/2″ and 7/16″ sizes for F-connectors.

The Flud Cartridge Watch is a Tribute to Vintage Video Game Cartridges

The Cartridge just happens to be the perfect watch for any gamer nostalgic for the bygone days of video game cartridges. Designed by Flud, the Cartridge is waterproof, with a glossy rubber strap. Its display shows the time vertically and indigo push button lighting – whatever that means. The Cartridge comes in four different colors and retails for $80, and you won’t even have to blow on it to make it work.

Cigarette lighter in the shape of a cigarette

As is readily apparent, DealExtreme's $1.50 butane lighter is designed to resemble a cigarette.

Nokia Booklet 3G netbook : 12hr battery, HSPA and GPS

Nokia have announced their own netbook, the Nokia Booklet 3G, promising up to 12 hours battery life together with integrated WiFi, 3G HSPA and GPS. The 1.25kg netbook has an aluminum chassis and measures around 2cm thick; it uses an unspecified Intel Atom processor, has an HDMI output for HD video playback and a 10.1-inch glass HD-ready display.

Other ports include three USB 2.0 connectors and an SD card slot, plus there’s Bluetooth and a front-facing webcam. OS is Windows 7, at least going by the video below, and there’s integration with Nokia’s Ovi services including Maps for Ovi that uses the GPS and A-GPS, music downloads, VPN integration and more. Nokia are also talking about a hot-swappable SIM slot, which suggests you’ll be able to flip between 3G connections without needing to shut off the Booklet.

Nokia are promising the full specifications and pricing for the Booklet 3G at Nokia World next week.

How to Create Fake Warning Messages in Boxes

Here is what to do.......its very easy

Open Notepad and put this in

x = msgbox("box message",0+48 ,"box title")

Simply replace the "Box message" with the message of your choise ,do the same with "box title"

Now for the button selection......

x = msgbox("box message",0+48 ,"box title")

The 0 is where you want to select the buttons you have

0 =OK Button

1 = OK and Cancel

2 = Abort Retry and ignore

3 = Yes No and Cancel

4 = Yes and No

5 = Retry and Cancel

and now for the logo.......

x = msgbox("box message",0+48 ,"box title")

The 48 is what you are going to be changing........

16 = Critical Message

32 = Warning Query

48 = Warning Message

64 = Information Message

Now just save that as ******.vbs(replace *** with whatever you want)

Now, if you want to trick someone into thinking it is there Internet Icon for example...........

Move the file to any place that it will not be seen

Right click on the file you have made and select "Creat Shortcut"

How to Create Fake Warning Messages in Boxes

Then when you have the shortcut to it

bow plce this for example on the desktop

Now right click on the shortcut.....

Select Properties and click on the "Shortcut" tab

How to Create Fake Warning Messages in Boxes

Now click the "Change Icon" button

Now you can find an icon of your choise...

How to Create Fake Warning Messages in Boxes

Now click "ok" and "ok" again

Now you will have something that looks like this....

How to Create Fake Warning Messages in Boxes

now when u click it you will get a error message
Thats all Have Fun.

Rename your digital photos automatically in Windows XP

Unless you really have a lot of time on your hands, I doubt you want to go through the massive folder that contains your European vacation photos and rename them Europe_1.jpg, Europe_2.jpg, and so on down the line. If you're running Windows XP on your computer, you don't have to do this. Simply apply this hack to quickly apply a meaningful label to every picture in the folder.

  • First, open the folder and select View > Thumbnails.
  • Click the last picture in the folder you want to rename, hold down the Shift key, and click the first picture; this will select them all.
  • Right-click the first photo, and select Rename from the drop-down menu.
  • Windows XP will highlight the filename for the first photo, enabling you to give it a descriptive name.
  • After you type in the name, click the white space outside of the photo and watch as Windows applies the name with a sequential number to each picture in the folder.

How to Use Keyboard Commands to Move Around in a Document

How to Use Keyboard Commands to Move Around in a Document You can move around in a document by using various keyboard commands. If you are working on a long document, keyboard commands can be much faster than scrolling. These instructions are for Windows computers only.

1. Hold down the Control key and tap the Home key (Control+Home) to go to the beginning of a document.

2. Hold down the Control key and tap the End key (Control+End) to go to the end of a document.

3. Hit the Home key to go the beginning of a line.

4. Hit the End key to go to the end of a line.

5. Tap the right arrow key on your keyboard to move one space to the right. To move one space to the left, tap the left arrow key.

6. Tap the up arrow key on your keyboard to move up one line. To move down one line, tap the down arrow key.

7. Use Page Up to move up one screen view. Use Page Down to move down one screen view.

8. Press the Tab key to move forward one tab indent. The exact space that you move is determined by your computer setup. Press Backspace to move backward through tab settings.

9. Press the Escape key to exit special applications that may be running.

Tips: Keyboards featuring a Windows key permit the use of several special keyboard shortcuts.
Warnings: Various software applications may not permit the use of these keyboard commands. If they don't work, you'll have to scroll.

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