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Vera Electric Kettle by Casa Bugatti

Posted by Wonderful-Tricks

Vera Electric Kettle by Casa Bugatti

Never in our life did we think we'd be lusting over a tea kettle, but we indeed feel some amorous tech lust for these beautifully designed and tech-laden electric kettle from Casa Bugatti...

Vera Electric Kettle by Casa Bugatti
The Vera Electric Kettle offers electronic control for all functions to achieve desired temperature (between 113 and 212°F) for your morning cuppa. From the handle side, the kettle looks a bit like an BSG Cylon, with a screen embedded in the handle which displays temperature control and a clock that shows current time and offers a self timer for planned coffee or tea breaks.

Not yet available, but coming out in the end of September for a price you'd associate with the brand, Bugatti: $300.
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  1. Frances Says:
  2. Kettle is quite impressive. Checked the whole specification and I am in love with it. Thanks for sharing. :)

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