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Bell Alarm Clock by Sam Hecht for IDEA

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Bell Alarm Clock by Sam Hecht for IDEA

Do you have a hard time getting up in the morning? Is the faint beep of your digital alarm clock not getting through to you? Does your iPod playlist not pack enough punch to get you up?

Well, let’s go back in time for a moment, when an alarm clock had two big bells at the top and they were certain to get you out of bed. What happened to those? Right, they disappeared because hand wound alarm clocks were, well, hand wound and offered quite a substantial margin of error, resulting in embarrassing situations…

Guess what, designer Sam Hecht has just upped the ante for the great guys over at IDEA International. He has taken the best of both worlds and put them into one fabulous product: A modern and precise and small alarm clock with a massive bell that will get you out of bed.

In three fabulous colors, the black and the red have the bell and the base the same color; the white has a chrome bell.

Now here’s why this is so amazing today: This product sees the light of day right here! Yup, we’re the first one to have this product ANYWHERE, courtesy of our dear friend Kip who is their fabulous distributor and we’re seriously excited!

With that said, ready set go, get your hands on this great clock! Oh, hang on: Size: W94 x D64 x H97mm and it needs 1 AA battery – that comes with it though.

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