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Opinions and reviews of travellers

Posted by Wonderful-Tricks

Virtual Tourist is just such a Web site, collecting the opinions and reviews of travellers from across the globe, about almost every location you can throw at it. With over 1.7 million reviews and almost 3.5 million photos from over a million members, this resource has a ton of data on offer.
Upon visiting the site, you are greeted with a map of the world to help you narrow down your destination, or a list of the top spots around the world, such as Paris, Bangkok, Amsterdam, Venice, Las Vegas, etc. Alternatively, you can always avail of the search bar to quickly locate your spot.

When you choose your location, you are given a listing of the various aspects of any travel spot: hotels, things to do, restaurants, local customs, nightlife, transportation, warnings or dangers, packing lists, shopping, sports travel and general tips. There’s also a section titled ‘Off the beaten path’, which hosts some of the weird discoveries that travellers make along the way – check out the Mumbai section for a few items that even you might not be aware of!

Each section comes with many reviews from the site members as well as photos and videos if available. A rating system helps for a quick analysis, while the ‘Top 5 Pages’ provide ample information about the place. And yes, the local Virtual Tourist members offer various services for fellow travellers.

So if you are packing your backpack, you know which site to visit before you tie your shoelace…


Credits: Mubaimirror

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