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Can New Search Engine Kumo Outdo Google

Posted by Wonderful-Tricks

Code-named 'Kumo,' Microsoft's upgraded and revamped 'Live Search' is set to make its public debut next week at the "D: All Things Digital" conference, according to Digital Daily. The three day event will feature a number of guest speakers, including Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. Microsoft representatives are expected to demonstrate the retooled search engine, which will feature interface changes as well as the incorporation of semantic search technology.

Since Microsoft has been losing market share in search over the past year, challenging Google seems laughable (especially since Google's already stout market share of 64.2-percent is up from last year). But with the new upgrades, Microsoft might do well to set its sights on Yahoo!, although Yahoo!'s not going without a fight. The company has been unveiling changes of its own, including making its search engine more mobile friendly by providing boxes of specific information, rather than merely links to other sites.

In classic fashion, Microsoft has arranged deals with Dell and Lenovo to make Kumo the default search engine on their products, so there may be a built-in bump there. The changes may not result in Kumo challenging Google's dominance, but it could at least inspire Microsoft employees to quit using Google at work.

[From: All Things Digital]

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