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Bing Tweets: Twitter and Bing Search Mashup

Posted by Wonderful-Tricks

Bing Tweets: Twitter and Bing Search Mashup

Microsoft announced a new portal that combines Bing search and Twitter. The new site is named BingTweets and it basically brings together classic web search from Bing, with real-time search elements from Twitter.

This service was built by both Microsoft, Twitter and Federated Media. It does not seem like Twitter is doing anything more than just providing access to their public API to Microsoft and Federated Media. By just visiting BingTweets, the results will dynamically show a popular search query, but you can override that query with whatever you like. The topics on the home page in the “trending topics” change every 30 to 60 minutes.

If this service becomes something popular and Microsoft deems it as useful, they may integrate this directly into the default Bing experience.
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