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Terminator Salvation Chopper has landed

Posted by Wonderful-Tricks

Terminator Salvation Chopper has landed

This menacing looking machine has some decent detail of the Terminator T800 skull and that in itself is enought to get noticed as you buzz this three channel RC about the room, but the added effects really set it apart. Glowing LED lights in the eyes, sound effects from the film and a laser battle mode to fight other choppers in the Bladez range make the £27.99 price tag pretty good value. Get yours at

Combat Function – Terminator V Resistance Battles
Hit opponent 3 times to disarm the enemy
Terminator branded helicopter, handset and packaging
Realistic battle sound effects
Coaxial structure enabling steady flight
10 meter range, 8 mins (approx) flight time
High spec lipo battery Li-Po 3.7V 100mAh
Crash friendly blades fold on impact
Tri-band swtich allow 3 helipocters to fly together
Precision digital proportional control
Sticker set to personalise resistance and Terminator helicopter and handset.
Infra red


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