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How To Clean Stuff

Posted by Wonderful-Tricks

See that little speck on your computer’s screen? You want to get rid of it, don’t you? But if you do touch an LCD screen with your hands, the chances of pixels dying are very high, thus ruining your monitor forever. So what is the proper way to clean an LCD display?
Today’s Web site will be more than glad to help you out. As the name suggests, How To Clean Stuff offers guides for cleaning myriad objects.

The main list of items is available in a pane on the left, which lists broad topics (Automotive, Clothing & Fabrics, Floor & Carpet, House, Kitchen & Bath, Outdoors, People & Pets, Things You Own) with sub-topics in each category (House – Walls and Ceilings; Things You Own – Electronics).

By browsing to the appropriate category, you are presented with a list of various guides. Of course, if you already know what you are looking for, the handy search bar is always ready to go!

While some of the cleaning tips are submitted by readers, the majority are written by the site’s owners.

Each cleaning guide is broken down into simple instructions that make it easy to understand. An introduction comes first, explaining the need for cleaning the object.

This is followed by the preparation for the cleaning, where the guide lists the ingredients or tools needed in the task.

The next section is a step-by-step write-up on how to go about the actual cleaning/removal process.

For some items, additional tips and tricks are provided by the writers; and yes, readers also submit a lot of tips, so don’t forget to check the comments section for each item.


Credits:Mihir Patkar

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