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Heated Itch Relief

Posted by Wonderful-Tricks

Sooth the itch of mosquito bites in seconds with Heated Itch Relief.

Just press the head of this pocket-size electronic device right onto the bite and hold. Heated Itch Relief's gentle heating element helps neutralize the insect-injected proteins that cause itching and swelling. Heated Itch Relief is also effective on bites from fleas, gnats, and horseflies. There are no chemicals, so Heated Itch Relief is safe even on a child's sensitive skin. For best results, use Heated Itch Relief immediately after bites. The Heated Itch Relief device runs on 2 AAA batteries (sold separately).

Benefits of the Heated Itch Relief:

Scratching can lead to infections, so use Heated Itch Relief to stop the itch
Larger insect bites may require several applications of the Heated Itch Relief device
Pocket-sized Heated Itch Relief is great to take along on picnics or camping trips


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