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Be prepared to be impressed! We are very excited to present to you this new specialized air purifier designed specifically to address allergy sufferer’s nighttime needs. If you are one of many whose allergies prevent you from getting a good night sleep then the Pure Air Sleep System could be the solution you’ve been dreaming of. Designed specifically for allergy sufferers, the Pure Air Sleep System couples HEPA filtration with a unique design that in just 12 seconds creates a sleep zone of 99% purified, allergen free air delivered directly where you need it when you sleep. During our testing of this unit, our eyes widened with excitement as we watched the particulate count of the air fall to 0 on our testing meter for the entire length of the sleep zone area! This means that as you sleep you can rest assured that you are breathing in a consistent flow of purified air.

Suffers from allergies at night and wants to improve their sleep quality
Wants a sleep zone of clean, allergen free purified air
Likes to keep a window open for fresh air at night, but suffers from allergens.
Partner does not want a noisy air purifier running in the room with the windows closed.

Advanced Filtration Technology: HEPA filtration is combined with laminar air disbursement to removed 99% of all airborne allergens greater then 0.3 microns including dust mite particles, pet dander and pollens and replace them with pure air in just 12 seconds.
Quiet: This unit has been called “whisper quiet” and generates less than 45 decibels of sound. The unit is designed to fit under the bed which muffles the hum from the already quiet fan speeds – low and high. The unit moves air at 15’ per minute.
Concentrated Air Flow: Unpurified air is drawn into the under the bed unit and passes through the pre-filter and HEPA filter and the purified air travels through the arm tubes of the unit delivering a concentrated source 99% purified air through the overhead arm. Creates a purified sleep zone in just 12 seconds.
Under-Bed-Unit: The air purifier unit slides discretely under the bed so it does not stand out or take up space in your bedroom. The unit measures 7” H x 16” W x 25” L, so it requires at least 7” of under bed clearance. If you have a low profile bed frame and do not have 7” of clearance the unit can be stood on its side and placed between head of bed and the wall.
Adjustable Tower Height: The tower of the unit can be adjusted in height to fit with the height of your bed frame. This feature allows you to achieve the desired placement of the overhead air outflow arm.
Tower Cap: The unit comes with a tower cap that slides onto the top of the tower (if you decide to remove the airflow arm) for daytime use as a decorative, protective cover for the tower.
Air Changes: Experts typically recommend 6-8 air changes per hour. The Pure Air Sleep System delivers an unprecedented 1200 air changes per hour in ones sleep zone.
Easy to Use: Control fan speed (high or low) by touching the top of the small controller. Can be placed on a night stand and controlled by hand or placed on the ground and used as a foot control.
LED Indicators: 2 LED lights are located on the controller. One light is the Fan Speed Indicator which glows dim green for low speed and bright green for high speed. The other LED light is Filter Change Indicator. It will flash amber when it is time to change the pre-filter and will flash red when it is time to change the HEPA filter
Minimal Maintenance: HEPA filter should last one year under normal use. The Filter Change indicator will flash red when it is time to change HEPA filter. The pre-filter should be changed every three months. The unit comes standard with 1 HEPA filter and 4 pre-filters for a year worth of filtration.
Energy Efficient: The system is very energy efficient and can be operated for less then $0.02 per night (@ $0.10/kwh).


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