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Google recently allowed publishers to pick a font for the AdSense powered ads. Only three fonts were provided though.
They are now allowing publishers to pick the font size!
Publishers are now allowed to change the font size of the text in their ad units. Three options are available: small, medium and large.
These options are however only available on Latin character ads.

There are 2 ways to change the size

Method 1 : To change fonts for every ad unit

1. First login to your Adsense account and at the top bar click on My Account and select Account Settings.


2. Click on edit beside Ad Display Preference.


3. Now from the drop down menu list, select your desired size and click on Save Changes at the bottom.


Note : This will change the font size of every ad unit.

Method2 : To change font size for individual ad unit

If you want to change the font size for an individual ad unit, here is a simple tutorial.

1. First log in to your Adsense account and at the top click on Adsense Setup.


2) If you want to make a new ad unit then click on Get Ads else click on Manage Ads.

If you have selected Get Ads :

2.1. Click on AdSense for Content, select your ad unit and then click on Continue. Please note that this update is only for Ad Unit, not for Link Unit.

2.2. Now select your ad format, color and this time you will see a new option called Font Size.

Just select your desired font size and at the bottom click on Continue. The rest of the procedure is the same as old.


If you have selected Manage Ads :

2.3) Select the ad unit that you want to change. Then in the right hand side of that ad click on Edit Ad Settings.

2.4) Now follow step 2.2

Its really an awesome update and I think will help us to earn more revenue. What do you say ?


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