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This serious-looking bit of kit is the SCD530 DECT Baby Monitor from Philips. As well as transmitting the usual goos, gahs and wahs from the other end of the house it also warns you if the temperature spikes/drops or if the humidity goes south. Because it uses DECT the signal should be interference-free as well as secure. The parent-end of the setup is rechargeable and can be used continuously for 24 hours even up to a distance of 300 metres. The child-end has a built-in night light and can play lullabies. If you really want to freak out the child there’s even 2-way communication. £97 from Amazon.

Healthy climate, total comfort. Zero interference guaranteed with DECT technology. Enjoy complete peace of mind with the new Philips AVENT range of DECT Baby Monitors you can relax, safe in the knowledge your baby’s happy even when you are out the room.


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