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Embed Free Flash Clocks In Your Blog

Posted by Wonderful-Tricks

Recently I found a great resource for embeddable flash clocks - The clocks are completely free to use, without any logos or backlinks. In the words of the administrators, 'Lyon and Louise';
...we have a dream, and that is to provide the most cool and most awesome free flash clocks to the entire internet, flash clocks for free, with great quality, and without any logos and without any links of the original owner or creator...

You simply have to copy the HTML code from their website and add it to your blog/website.
And particularly for blogger/BlogSpot blogs, you have to follow these steps:

Sign in to Blogger, go to Layout, and click on "Add a Gadget", and select it as "HTML/JavaScript" type, and finally add the HTML code in to it. That's it !

Within two months of launching, the website has managed to add more than a 100 free flash clocks. You can have a look on some of the sample clocks here:

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  1. Flash Clocks Says:
  2. There are several errors on your page, which makes it not display the flash clocks, i checked the source code of this page and i realized that there are several numbers with a concatenation symbol at the end of each flash clock hotlink code, and also in other parts of this page as well.

    Though i am sure the flash clocks are just great!

  3. Flash Clocks Says:
  4. Hi, thanks for sharing a post with a link to my flash clocks blog, however that domain was replaced by another at and the blog is at, i would really appreciate if you change updated this topic with the new website domain link, so like that flash clocks will work again on this article, thanks.


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