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Get Paid to Write With Bukisa

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Get Paid to Write With Bukisa

Bukisa is a new content site that pays a share of its revenue on a fixed-rate basis. Content writers get paid for the page views each of their articles get.
Bukisa is a new content website that pays people to write content for the site. It may be new, but it offers a higher amount per thousand page views than some of the better-known, more established Web content sites.

Writing for Bukisa
The site accepts any type of text content as well as video content. Like many websites, they are particularly interested in how-to articles. They promote their how-to text and video content in order to encourage their content providers to write more how-to articles.

Most Bukisa articles are published as soon as the writer publishes them through the websites text publishing area. The site does, however, select random articles and subject them to quality assurance reviews. If an article is selected for review and approved, it will be published after the review is completed.

Getting Paid for Content
The site does not offer any upfront payments like some content websites. The only payments are for page views. The site has a $50 minimum for payments. Like eHow, the content writers keep earning residual income as long as the articles are posted on the site.

People who write for Bukisa also benefit from their own network of members. Each member’s network consists of the people that they recruited to write for the site. Members are given a link that they can use to recruit other members to write for Bukisa

Everyone who joins Bukisa after arriving at the site through a member’s link becomes a member of that person’s network. Each member gets a cut of the amount that their network makes. Much like multi-level marketing, the goal is to make money for both the member’s own writing as well as the writing of the people they recruit.

The Bukisa Index
The rate of payment that each write, podcaster or filmmaker will earn through Bukisa is dependent on the Bukisa index. For members, this amount is displayed prominently on the and reflects how much each member is currently making for each 1,000 unique page views.

So far, the Bukisa index has hovered around $4 per thousands views, but the number is subject to change at any time. Bukisa reports that the index is changed once a month or more, based on how much the site itself is earning.

Compared to the $1.50-$1.80 that Associated Content offers and the $2 that offers for each 1,000 page views, Bukisa has so far offered a tempting page view payment amount that has been drawing in writers from other revenue sharing sites.

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