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How to make Contact Us Button for your Blog

Posted by Wonderful-Tricks

How to make Contact Us Button for your Blog

“Contact Us” one of the most important part of a website or blog cuz it gives you a chance to interact with the reader of your blog, what they like and and what they want to read. But those days are gone when you give full e-mail address on your blog like “For any queries contact us at”. Nobody has time to copy the address, open his mailbox and go to compose mail. And even all of this is not at all required when you can do all this with just one click.Not only this you can also launch the Yahoo messenger window with a single click. All you need to know is the correct codes for both of them.


use your e-mail id in place of


to use it in html use

<a href="">Mail the Author</a>

If you further want to add the subject of e-mail just modify above code with,

<a href=" is your subject">Mail the Author</a>

Change “This is your subject” to whatever you want in subject field.You don not need to add target=”_blank” mailto automatically opens in a new window.

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