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Snow fall widget in Blogger

Posted by Wonderful-Tricks

Snow flakes widget in Blogger

Christmas is on its way and many Bloggers are changing their templates and widgets to welcome this season . At techknowl , i have numerous changes as you can see in my logo and template design . I have added snow flakes in my template and i will help you to add a similar one in your template .

Go to your Blogger template's Layout and open Edit HTML .

Now search for </style> tag and place this code just after that ,

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

Save and preview the changes .

You can customize the number,color and speed of the snow flakes by changing the JavaScript used with the above code .

var num = 60; //controls the number of flakesvar
timer = 20;//controls the speed of flakes

Download it here and edit using notepad and re-upload to any file uploading service that support hotlinking of JavaScript files.

Note: Remember to change the URL in bold with your new edited javascript link .

Wish you a happy Christmas and prosperous New year .

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  1. Nishchit Says:
  2. Not working yar


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