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USB U-Tube i-Speaker for a refining green acoustic effect

Replacing the bulky and square speakers, the USB U-Tube i-Speaker offers minimalist as well as unique look to the interior of contemporary spaces. Connecting to different systems and players, including iPod, MP3, MP4, MD and CD player, together with notebook, PC, PDA, PSP, mobile-phone and other digital devices with 3.5mm stereo audio connector, the i-Speaker comes integrated with rechargeable Lithium Ion battery for a green and clean acoustic effects. The USB device as depicted by its name features the U-Tube design and incorporates volume controller, on/off switch, 2W + 2W power high quality sound output and LED indicator to show the charging or on/off status. Measuring about 130 x 90 x 40mm, the U-Tube speaker system is not only compact in size but lightweight (105g) as well. The USB U-Tube i-Speaker with USB Audio Cables can be yours for $19 only.

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