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Pixel Bulb is Neither Pixels Nor Bulb

Posted by Wonderful-Tricks

Pixel Bulb is Neither Pixels Nor Bulb

This is the Pixel Bulb, low-res cartoon light-bulb cut from “electroluminescent electronic paper”. It’s a wonderful wall-lamp design, and the large flat area should provide a soft, relaxing light.

The problem is that it has nothing to do with pixels. If a rough, uneven, jagged edge meant “pixels” then I would have wonderful, 8-bit finger and toe-nails fit for Mario World. But it doesn’t, and I will remain in smooth, analog meatspace as I bite my fingers down to the cuticles. Somebody needs to either teach the lamp’s designer, Marcus Tremonto, what a square looks like, or just show him how to use scissors. A shame.

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