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The Wand - the remote control for the Harry Potter generation

Shazam! One flick of your wrist and you can change channels. It can even cope with the Sky+ menu system

It might not look like much but this is quite possibly the coolest remote control ever. The brain child of Brit Chris Barnardo, The Wand uses its on board processor and accelerometer to control your devices simply by moving your hand. It has ten predefined hand gestures from gently revolving (ideal for turning up the volume) to a quick downwards thrust, and you can assign a different command to each movement.

The demo we saw had the Wand controlling an iPod, not only forwarding tracks and controlling the volume, but also going in and out of the menu. The same Wand was also used to control a remote control lamp too. It works with almost all IR devices including the big one for us TV mad Brits Sky+ box.

It is available from Firebox soon for £49.99.

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