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USB Windows Icebox – freeze your hard disk for security

This USB Windows Icebox gadget is pretty…ahem…cool. Just plug it into the nearest USB port of your PC, and it will immediately freeze any changes on the hard disk. You can keep using the computer – or let your kids run free on it – safe in the knowledge that when you switch off next, all changes will be deleted and the machine will return to its original state.

It’s an excellent tool for keeping your laptop clean while letting someone else use it. Better yet, you can specify that certain folders are exempt, so you can still, for example, save docs to your word-processing folder. Neato. $18.99.

1.Freezing partitions: to freeze the designated partition of hard disc. (All the operations are temporary; when the computer is shut off; all the data will got recovered) (It means you can still have normal operation just that when you shut down your PC, it will recover the the previous status unless you have the dongle plugged and change the settings) 2.Open directories: the directories in frozen partitions (e.g. my document and desktop) are frequently used, so they can be set as “opened directories” so that it STILL can be rewritten and saved and it will not influence your normal operation habit.

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