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Siemens liftMatic oven gets a facelift

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Siemens liftMatic oven gets a facelift

Siemens did a major makeover on its range of home appliances that went on display at IFA Berlin 2009. Besides its iPod-like disc controls for induction hobs and cooking ranges, its pioneering liftMatic oven also went under the knife for a appealing new look. The new oven is available with stainless steel/black glass panel and features Siemens’ award-winning light control system. The MP3 player-like push buttons, are arranged in a logical order for utmost convenience. The oven features 11 heating methods: defrosting, top and bottom heating, hydro shoes, bottom heat, speed, 3D hot air, convection grill system, barbecue area, pre-heating and keeping warm. The other features include automatic self-cleaning, cookControl with 34 cooking programs, precise temperature control in 30°C to 300°С range, child lock and interior light. The oven sells for approx. $4,400.

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