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Modern spy-tech is definitely more deadly and efficient, but the information about it is pretty scarce (for obvious reasons). On this page we'll see some examples of the modern weaponry, and the weirdest of vintage mini-guns. Many images were graciously provided by Alan Trigger, from "Little Gun" collection in Belgium.

Officially the Smallest Pistol in the World, Manufactured Today
Made in Switzerland (of course!), by SwissMiniGun company. On their site you can see illustrations of this revolver in real size: no bigger than 5.5 cm (2.16 inches). Even though you can put this gun on your key-chain, it could be a deadly weapon. It fires 2.34mm bullets, with the range of 112 meters.

SwissMiniGun can also be more expensive than a luxury Swiss watch. In fact, one of the offered models is made in hand-engraved 18k gold, encrusted with the choicest diamonds (price starts at $50,000) -

Note to collectors: SwissMiniGun can not be imported into the USA due to present regulations, however, it's readily available in Canada.


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