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The Erase-o-Matic degausser uses rare earth magnets enclosed in a specially formulated case to zap magnetic data media such as diskettes, cassettes, VHS, zip drives and all that kind of stuff. Its bigger brother will do for larger media and hard drives. Are we allowed to say we love the name? It’s so…homely isn’t it? Like Robbie the Robot and Lassie. OK, enough of that. The base version is priced at $395.00.

All tapes should be passed once then rotated 180 degrees and passed again. A hard drive (end A first) should be passed once, rotated 180 degrees and passed again, then (with end B first) pass it again , rotate 180 degrees and pass again. These multiple passes will ensure that all portions of the media will receive maximum exposure to the powerful magnets within the media pathway.


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