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There is a new cool kid on the block for creating custom avatars: FaceYourManga. While Yahoo and other services have had their avatar creators for some time, they have been largely boring and lacked variety. FaceYourManga tries to change this by providing a host of customization features that may very well make your avatar unique (or something close to that).

FaceYourManga creates avatars through a multiple-step avatar building process, configuring every imaginable part of your face. After creating your avatar, you need to enter an email address to which the avatar will be mailed.

Three things FaceYourManga should change:

Improve page load times: It felt a bit slow at times. Every time you click on a customization, it takes time to redraw the avatar, which I think is unintuitive.

Entering email ID: While there is no registration required, entering an email ID certainly makes one suspicious of their intent. I used an old, unused email ID for this purpose (to prevent any spam from affecting my regular usage).

Excess usage of flash: The header and navigation links are powered by flash. Images could have been used instead.


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