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The worlds Greenest Gaming PC

Posted by Wonderful-Tricks

It's the smallest, most energy efficient gaming PC on the market today. Based on NVIDIA ION-graphics, the Pulse is also the world's first GeForce-upgradeable ION PC. By offering special edition GeForce 9600 GT and 9800 GT graphics that consume 40% less power, a fully loaded Pulse consumes less than 145 watts under load while gaming.

Tiny chassis, Full Tower Performance.
The Pulse is a racecar wrapped in a HEPA filter bag enclosed in a sleek chassis. It's our most environmentally safe PC to date and it's got horsepower.

MAINGEAR is about functionality that looks amazing. Our chassis design is a textbook example of how airflow can be manipulated to cool key components which in turn lowers overall ambient temperatures. Our chassis moves plenty of air over the most common yet most crucial problem areas: the GPU(s) and CPU(s). By lowering the overall temperature in the chassis the components are able to perform faster and more reliably for longer. By positioning the internal power supply to intake cool air directly from outside the chassis, the Pulse is able to maintain its energy efficiency through cooling key components.

Media Capable.
Pulse also includes 802.11b/g wireless for optimal connectivity adn eSata support for max expandability. Optional Blu-ray and TV Tuner make Pulse a great option for enjoyment in the living room.

Serious Gamers have the option of adding a GeForce 9600 GT or 9800 GT ECO discrete graphics card that consumes 40% less power than a standard GeForce 9800GT. The GeForce 9800 GT ECO comes in both 512MB and 1GB flavors.

MAINGEAR PCs now built with the earth-conscious in mind, offer energy savings while still pulling its weight. For example our power supplies are 80+ efficient. More efficient power delivery means less energy is wasted.


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