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Nimbuzz is a service that allows you to contact your IM buddies on their mobiles or PCs (from your mobile or PC). It"s a free service that you can download to your mobile phone. When you see one of your online buddies appear, you can easily chat with them and call them from your phone. It costs the same as a regular local call, worldwide. No credits are needed.

Nimbuzz is free to download and access on your mobile phone or internet enabled device. To use Nimbuzz on a mobile device you need a mobile data connection like GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, EVDO or Wi-Fi. If you don’t have a flat-rate data plan there may be costs associated with using this connection. Nimbuzz works everywhere a data connection is available. Nimbuzz Voice depends on the availability of local Nimbuzz access numbers that are already available in over 35 countries.

Essentially this is a chat service that enables you to call people whose phone numbers you don"t have. It is a good way to call people who you chat with for low cost.


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