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ADVERTISEMENTS is a free online web service which will allow you to convert any files into WebPages. Every converted file has a unique web address so you can share it with friends, or other people on the internet.
No sign up or software installation is required. Just Visit Website and Browse the file which you want to convert into WebPages. Click on “Start Conversion” button, within few seconds Webpage is generated with a unique web address. Access the generated web address and you will notice the files uploaded as webpage and also a Download Button to the original file you uploaded. allows up to 15MB maximum conversion and supports image/photo files, audio formats, documents, programming source code, web documents, archive, video, fonts, chemical file formats and more.


Upload limit 15MB Maximum
Fastest download speeds
No download limits
No CAPTCHA codes
Multiple simultaneous downloads and uploads
Unlimited page bandwidth
No sign up required
No software to install
Link directly to the generated web page

Visit File2

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