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Microsoft’s new Bing Search Engine is currently the top buzz around the web since it offers ton’s of features like Google. It really a killer stuff. Now we Blogger’s must think of getting indexed in search engines to get ton’s of visitors from those search engines

How to Submit?

  • First you need to login into your MSN (Live or Hotmail) Account and then access the Webmaster Tools Section of Bing search engine my visiting here.
  • Then just fill up the your Site Address, Sitemap URL and your Email, it’s optional.
  • Once you have filled up the details Bing will ask to authenticate site.
  • There are two methods to authenticate the site
  • Simply by Uploading an XML file to your Root Directory [public_html] – Best for WP Users and other webmaster
  • By Placing a Meta Tag [Place the meta tag above tag] – Best for Blogger Users
  • Once the submission is completed you will find a link to all your sites.

If you want to simply SUBMIT YOUR SITE TO BING then use the link below:


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