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If you’re happy to trust the life of your child with a robot, sans The 3 Laws, then have a look at the Bomo Baby Carriage. Designed as a respite tool for harangued parents, the Baby Carriage will follow Mum or Dad around the house, carrying the child in Roomba style, automatically avoiding obstacles and giving bub the ride of their (probably short) life.

The chair adjusts from an upright position to a reclined sleeping position and can also rock them to sleep using a gentle side-to-side motion. The battery will last for about 3 days, averaging 2 hours of use per day and it takes 3 hours to recharge. The cover is made of nano-silver infused fabric and easily washable.

When you don’t want your kid anymore, you can switch it to manual mode and let the child drive using pedals and the steering wheel. The carriage will apparently still avoid obstacles even while the child is controlling it.

At the moment it’s only available in trade quantities from Korea, but you can order an individual sample for US$780. I’m guessing there will be a minefield of administrative hurdles before anything like this reaches the West for retail sale and probably for good reason. For example the blurb says exactly nothing about what happens when this thing finds itself at the top of a set of stairs and baby has their foot to the floor.

Bomo, the world first indoor Robot Baby Carriage. The smart Bomo which tends the baby at the vicinity of the mother gives pleasure and comfort to the baby, and gives the tired young mother and father a moment of leisurely time to enjoy a cup of coffee.


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