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How to Add Download Counter for Blogger

Posted by Wonderful-Tricks

Download Counter plugin for self-hosted wordpress ( is not the new thing. By installing the Download Counter plugin, you can display the total of download to a download file that has been downloaded by visitors. Can Download Counter be applied to Blogger? Of course, Download Counter can be applied to Blogger.
To apply the download counter on blogger, you can use the free service on the internet. One of the free service providers is By installing the script from, you can display how many download files that visitors have downloaded. The following are the steps:

Step #1

Upload your file (files of template, song, software, film, etc) to the hosting provider that you usually store your files; it can be free hosting or your own hosting account. The examples of free hosting to upload the files are,,,,, etc. Copy the link address for further usage. E.g.: Kang Rohman has uploaded the template file to and has the link address as follows:

Step #2

Go to After you have been there, click the menu "Code generator" to go to generator page. Fill out the fields with your desire, e.g.:


  1. Select counter type → select the Download Counter (+track file downloads)
  2. Select URL to track (file, or website etc.) →fill out with your download file, e.g.
  3. Enter link text → fill out with your own words, e.g. “Download
  4. Display counter on Your page? → select "Yes, style"
  5. Click the button "<<< Generate >>>"
  6. Copy the code in the text area to include in your post later.
    download counter generator

The example of the code results:

<a href=''>Download </a>
<script type='text/javascript' src=''></script>
<script type='text/javascript'>document.write(dsdlcounter(dsCounter));</script>

Step #4

When you are posting and want to place the download script you’ve just made, please click the tab “Edit HTML

Please paste the download code you’ve made in in any part of your post.

Step #5

Publish your post. Done .


If you are familiar with HTML codes, actually, you can change a little bit of the download code.


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