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ADVERTISEMENTS is a new service that lets you embed files in your website. just upload your files and click the “Embed It!” button. After a quick login screen that lets you use accounts you already have (no registration required), you’re instantly shown the document or documents along with the code to embed it in your own blog, profile page, or website. offers a convenient way of embedding web pages or uploaded documents that you wish to share on your own website, wiki, or blog. The service could not be easier to use. You upload a file or or enter the URL for a web page, and are then provided with the html embed code to paste wherever you wish. I have embedded a URL from CAST for the example below, but I could just as easily have embedded the pdf file itself.

Once a document or web page is embedded, there is a convenient slider bar to zoom in for a better look. Or, it can be viewed “full screen”. There is supposed to be a download button, but this does not seem to be avaiable at the moment. You can, however, print an embedded file. Most common file formats can be uploaded and embedded, and each file may be up to 20 Mb in size.

Although I haven’t yet had opportunity to try this, I love the idea of using on a wiki to help create porfolios of student work.


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