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EveningFlavors is a Bangalore based online restaurant and pub listing for reservation services with extra features like submit a review, get alerts about offer / parties. Mind you, this is not yet another food ordering service. EveningFlavors is currently open for Banglaoreans with the service soon set to take off in other places like Delhi, Goa and Mumbai.

So what is the USP of EveningFlavors? They claim to have an exhaustive database of restaurants, eating places and pubs in the city of Bangalore. One can search the pubs, restaurants or party events in the city through their web interface. The restaurants are listed based on cuisines, flavors and attractions. The parties can be searched based on dates too. One can also search based on criteria like areas, cuisine and price, well the locations actually looked quite comprehensive to me. You can also get a taste of special offers related to eating and dining in the city.

Some of the other features include the review section, a registered user can post reviews of interesting dining / eating places. You can also register for their alert service that provides information about parties, happenings and offers to keep you informed, I guess, this is through email or SMS.

This is one more addition in the online restaurant booking arena, the players seem to be starting off small in few (one??) cities and then planning to scale, but we still see a fragmented approach by all the players. Nevertheless it gives choices to the users which is always welcomed. Services with the best quality of service and higher coverage would make a dent in the market.

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  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. Hi there the team of EveningFlavors, i would like to say that we still do not know much about it...exactly we do not see you anywhere in any of the ad campaigns or anywhere else..infact, people are also not talking much about may be good to cover the restaurants since we see most of the restaurants covered but not good to knock the public...

  3. subash roy Says:
  4. I found another similar website, but offers some best deals!

  5. Anonymous Says:
  6. Fine dining restaurants in bangalore, serving authentic Italian cuisine in their menu with offers


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