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Windows Live Hotmail

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Windows Live Hotmail - Free Email Service

Windows Live Hotmail is a free email service that gives you a 5 GB of online storage, fast search, solid security and an interface easy as a desktop email program. When it comes to organizing mail, Windows Live Hotmail does not go beyond folders (to saved searches and tags, for example), its spam filter could be more effective, and POP or IMAP access are missing.

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Windows Live Hotmail offers free web-based email accounts with 5 GB (Windows Live Hotmail Plus: 10 GB) of online storage.
Scanning for phishing attempts, viruses and spam, Windows Live Hotmail protects privacy, security and sanity.
You can set up Windows Live Hotmail to accept mail only from people in your address book.
Windows Live Hotmail does not download images from unauthorized senders automatically.
A reading pane, drag-and-drop ease and rich text editing lend Windows Live Hotmail a desktop-like handling.
You can set up additional addresses to use in the From: line of mail you send with Windows Live Hotmail.
Windows Live Hotmail offers fast and universal message search, and filters can sort incoming mail to custom folders.
Optimized versions of Windows Live Hotmail provide access using various browsers and mobile devices.
You can have Windows Live Hotmail forward incoming mail between Windows Live Hotmail accounts (Plus: to any email address).
A vacation auto-responder answers emails for you while you are away

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