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Yahoo Launched Yahoo Meme

Posted by Wonderful-Tricks

Yahoo Launched Yahoo Meme
Yahoo meme is the new service from Yahoo! that when it’s compared will be similar to twitter microblogging service. But of course, there will be the difference. Yahoo! meme is not limited to text posting, but you can upload photo, embed video, and music. In a glance, this service is more valuable.

At this present, Yahoo meme is still in Beta version, but Yahoo meme has been available for public. If you want to know the features of Yahoo meme, you can try now.

Posting Text

Posting text in yahoo meme

As you know, if you post in twitter, you will have a limitation to the length of the post. You are only allowed to post up to 140 characters per post so it will be the short message. Yahoo meme is different. There’s no character limitation. Wonderful-Tricks has tried to post up to 1000 characters and more, and I did it.

Posting Photo

posting-photo-di-yahoo-meme To post photo or image in Yahoo meme, you can directly upload it from your computer or you also can type the URL of the image if it has been upload to a server.

Posting Video

posting video in yahoo meme To post video, Yahoo Meme only allows you to take the video from Youtube and Vimeo. You only need to type the URL of the video.

Posting Music

posting-musik-di-yahoo-meme To post music, you only type the link address of it that you have uploaded to a server or the link address available on the internet.

If you want to try this Yahoo Meme, you must only have your Yahoo Account. It means you have to have the email address in Yahoo. If you don’t have, please sign up first for free.

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