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Plop yourself in a Pac-Man chair

Posted by Wonderful-Tricks

Plop yourself in a Pac-Man chair

I'm a huge fan of Pac-Man, show me anything Pac-Man related and I'll be your friend forever. If you are a gamer then this “PacM Chair” designed by Jose Jorge Hinojosa will look really nice in your gaming den. The chair looks like Pac-Man is extremely hungry and ready to gobble up whoever happens to plunk themselves on it. I love the bright yellow and it takes me right back to my arcade gaming days. I might not be as yummy as a video game cherry, but I'm sure Pac-Man wouldn't mind chewing me up. I don't know how comfortable the chair will be, but I'm guessing this wasn't designed with comfort as a top priority. If you like Pac-Man too, you must check out the Pac-Man Mini Cooper, that's a hot ride.

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