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I’m extremely tempted to pre-order this USB-powered chainsaw, just to see what my $60 will buy me. The i-Saw product page is a master-class in deadpan, explaining in straight-faced detail everything from the USB 2.0 compatibility to the precision engineered chain itself, with a lot of guff in between:

Current materials used on bodies of chainsaws are too heavy for office use. Lighter materials, however, could cause the vertical axis of the guide bar to shift when pressure is applied onto the saw chain. Research and development introduced several innovations to offer an optimal blend of tough plastic and lightweight alloy.

Everything explained, that is, except the power chain. Other than the fact that the saw has “patent-pending technology” which “allows for an unparalleled distribution of power,” we have no idea how a five-volt trickle is turned into the Ikea-chair shredding torrent of destruction shown in the video. We have the feeling that the “i-Saw” may just be a real chainsaw with a USB cable glued to the side, although we hope, desperately, that we are wrong. Shipping September.


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