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Get New IMEI Number For Chinese Mobile

Posted by Wonderful-Tricks

Get New IMEI Number For Chinese Mobile

IF you currently own a Chinese mobile phone then it’s time to throw it away unless you don’t get a new IMEI number from the government by paying a minimal cost of Rs.199, this also includes tax. If you don’t do that, according to the new rules laid down by the Indian government your phone will stop working with all the service provides.
This new program is called GII which stands for Genuine IMEI implementation program. However if you are already thinking of getting rid of your chineese phone then you may skip this program because either way you are not going to use the phone. To get to know more about the authorized centers you can call in your customer care.

IMEI number is unique for each and every phone and it’s necessary to identify the make and the model of the phone. Just like you have a different mac address and different driving license number, the same way every phone has a unique IMEI number. To check the IMEI number you can press *#06#. If you want to verify the integrity of the phone, you can verify the IMEI number by sending a message “IMEI <15 digit IMEI No.> to 53232.
The government and the IMEI number issuing authorities have assigned many shops that are licensed to provide you a new IMEI number. Check with the customer care to know more about these shops.

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