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This Easy Quick Jumper allows you to connect two cars via their cigarette lighters to revive a dead battery. It’s not a jump start in the traditional sense, more a quick charge via the cigarette lighter power socket.
Plug one end into the working car power socket, the other end into the dead car’s and start the working car. The red light means the circuit is charging. Once sufficient charge has passed into the dead battery, try and start the dead car. The whole process should take 5 - 10 minutes. The connecting cable is 5.5 metres (18′) long and it comes with illuminating LEDs to tell you what’s going on. US$25.99.

Eliminate the mess and confusion of traditional jumper cables. Traditional jumper cables require making connections directly to two car batteries as well as the engine block of one car. Incorrectly connecting those jumper cables can be dangerous. Plus, you have to get under the hood which can be intimidating for many of us.


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