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70 Useful Rapidshare Search Engines & Tools

Posted by Wonderful-Tricks

Rapidshare currently has about 230GBit/s of Internet connectivity and 4.5 Petabytes of storage. This makes them one of the world’s biggest and the fastest web hosts around the world. If you see carefully, Rapidshare is a gold mine of its own. I mean, thousands of files are being uploaded everyday. I can bet, there will be hundreds or maybe thousands of files that will be of some use to us, that are available on Rapidshare. But just because it doesn’t have a search engine of its own, we couldn’t search them.

Still some people use complex search queries and try to Google out the files stored on Rapidshare. I have collected a very big list of Rapidshare search engines. Compiled with the help of friends and my best friend,

Rapidshare search engines are popping up everyday, but not all index files regularly and updates their database. You can use the following list of search engines to search files on Rapidshare.

  1. Avun

  2. Filez

  3. FilesBot

  4. SharingEngines

  5. FilesTube

  6. MegaDownload

  7. U2U

  8. FileSearch

  9. Quicksearch

  10. Rapidor

  11. RapidZilla

  12. Rapidoogle

  13. Rapidshare Blog Search

  14. ShareMiner

  15. RapidSearchEngine

  16. RapidExplorer

  17. EatPaperRapidshare

  18. RapidshareDB

  19. RapidshareURL

  20. Javaartist

  21. Rapidsharing

  22. ProjectNinja

  23. Rapidlibrary

  24. Coders2020

  25. 4Chan

  26. FileScoop

  27. Share4vn

  28. SearchShared

  29. RS Find

  30. Rapid

  31. Peer2link

  32. FileSearcher

  33. Oneclickfiles

  34. Funfail

  35. FileCrop

  36. Xoogo

  37. Rapidtvphp

  38. RapidFox

  39. Rssearch

  40. RapidShare Data

  41. 5iles

  42. Infobind

  43. Rapidshareindex

  44. Gappon

  45. Search4File

  46. LoadEvery

  47. File Field

  48. Leecha

  49. RapidRat

  50. FileCrop

  51. Oneclickfiles

  52. Funfail

  53. Rapidshare1

  54. Infobind

  55. Linkosearch

  56. HellaFiles

  57. Betadir

  58. Buscador

  59. RapidOSearch

  60. RapidShared

  61. Oopar

  62. Searchanyfile

  63. Shufs

  64. NetBarge

  65. Jqd

  66. Filespump

  67. Kvaz

  68. Metagrep

  69. Fileknow

  70. CheckedSearch

Phew! That’s all I know. If there is any other site that you use and would like to share, then drop a comment below and I’ll add it above. And if you already use any of the above, do let me know your favourites.

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