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Thumb Stadium Electronic Game Kit

Posted by Wonderful-Tricks

Is more less? Do you hanker only for the smallest gadgets with the simplest user-interface. We'll we've got the most minimalist two player handheld gaming system ever and it's a blast to play. The Thumb Stadium Electronic Game Kit has controls of one button per player and a screen of only three LEDs. You wouldn't think there would be much gaming that could happen on this setup, but surprisingly you'll find yourself franticly competing with your friends and co-workers to best them in one of the 4 different built in games.

Important Note
The Thumb Stadium is a kit. So of course you'll need to do some basic assembly. It will take a soldering iron and the ability to follow directions... but hey, the best game systems are the ones you build yourself... right?

Built In Games

Game 1 - ThumbWar™
The object of ThumbWar is simple: press while the other player is pressing. If you do, you get a point.

Game 2 - SlapJack™
During SlapJack, Thumb Stadium randomly flashes the center LED red or green. Be the first to press when center is green and get a point. Don't press if it isn't green or the other player gets a point.

Game 3 - Jai Alai™
Center lights up ~ quickly press to "catch" your color. Press again to "throw" to the other player who has to catch on time and throw back. The time to catch gets shorter each throw.

Game 4 - Reflexy™
Reflexy is a one-player game. The object is to quickly press the button that matches the color in the center LED. You go until you miss or are too late. The time to react gets shorter each turn. After the game, your score is flashed ~ Center = x10, Red LED = x1. Press the Red Side Button three times to restart.

Product Features

Minimalist two-player game system has only two buttons
4-Different Built in Games
Build it yourself. All parts and instructions included
Dimensions - 2" x 1.5" x 1"
Requires 3 AAA Batteries (not included)


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