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Designed for the Electrolux design lab Contest, the “Cooking in the Futur” by Ludovic Peperstraete takes us into the future as to how we could be cooking in the next 90 years. With a sleek and elegant look, it will not take much of the precious space of your kitchen. The food is cooked by three harmless lasers directed by the user. A single laser can’t cook anything, but the crossing of two lasers can cook the food easily. It is possible to scan your food before cooking, and you can also choose the desired “texture” of your food inside and out. So, your recipe doesn’t contain any notion about time, but the chosen texture of your cake or your meat becomes the reference for the oven to stop cooking. To project and draw up air with odors and projections, a new type of ventilation has been added. So get ready to make the perfect “moeilleux au chocolat,” a French warm chocolate cake with a melting heart.


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