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Google Says No To Censoring Content

Posted by Wonderful-Tricks

Asserting that it would not play any editorial role, global search engine Google said it would not censor content on its network but would act swiftly to redress any complaint.
"Google does not censor... it is unlikely that we will take a proactive role (in controlling content)... Google should not play an editorial role," Google India Managing Director Shailesh Rao said.

But once objectionable content is found out on the site, he said "the timeline to remove objectionable content is anywhere between 10 minutes to 24 hours".

"Anytime you are trying to push the frontier of content publishing, of mapping of geo products (like Google Earth) that will always create a lot of debate and discussions about the merits, about innovation.

Infact, it is a part of natural conversation about what is the right rule, and to what extent freedom of speech is permissible in Indian culture," he said.

Asked if any course correction is required in the wake of the security agencies approaching the company, Rao said, "No, those are far and few between... it is amazing how much dialogue and engagement and discussions on an ongoing basis can resolve issues and misunderstandings.


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