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Advanced Tips/Tricks to use Bing

Posted by Wonderful-Tricks

The coverage of Microsoft’s new search engine Bing was quite extensive here on Ghacks but also on many other sites on the Internet. This is going to slow down in the future but we have two articles about Bing that we would like to publish in the coming days. The first deals with 5 advanced tips that showcase some interesting features that Bing is offering but also should make working with the search engine more comfortable.

1. Remove the Bing background image


Many users think that the background image that is shown on the Bing homepage is more of a distraction than anything else. There is however a very easy way of removing the background image in the search engine to work with a barebone version without the background image. All that needs to be done is to open the Bing homepage with the following parameter:

This will make the homepage show up without the background image which gets rid of the noise and can save some Kilobytes of data transfer as well.

bing plain

2. IP Address lookup

Bing can lookup any IP address using an advanced parameter and display a list of domains that are hosted on that IP address. The parameter to do that is the following:

IP:[IP Address]

Substitute [IP Address] with a valid IP. The query IP: would for example display a list of domains hosted on that IP address.

bing ip

3. Every search is available as an RSS feed

Every search on Bing is also available as an RSS feed which can be very interesting for webmasters who want to monitor their position in the search engine. The web feed will be updated whenever changes in website rankings occur. The feeds can be accessed from the web browser’s toolbars or by pointing a feed reader to the result url and appending


To the results. A search for Windows 7 would be available as an RSS feed from the following url

4. The contains parameter

The parameter contains will tell the search engine to only look for websites that contain that search term. This can lead to some interesting searches when combined with other search phrases, some examples are:

Windows 7 contains:torrent

Madonna contains:mp3

Google contains:pdf

bing contains

5. Display only wallpaper images

Bing’s image search has already received some praise in the past days. One interesting feature is the ability to display only wallpaper images in the image search results. This is done by searching for a term in Bing image search and clicking on the Size category in the left sidebar. It will automatically display various size filters including one called wallpaper. This will display only images that have the exact size of the computer screen resolution.

bing wallpaper

The parameters are available in the url which means users can change it to find wallpapers for other screen resolutions as well.


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