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Use Mozy to Backup Data Online for Free

Posted by Wonderful-Tricks

Mozy is one of the best online backup services which provide the most excellent file back up solution. It is the best way to keep your computer documents in safe hands and reliable. You can always take the service of Mozy because it is very easy to use. First of all, you need to sign up, then you can download & install Mozy on your PC/Mac. After that you can select any file/docs which you want to back up.

Mozy add a private encryption key to all the files you upload. You always need to remember the encryption key to access your uploaded files cause without it you will be unable to download your files.

Mozy offers a free service with a Limit of 2 GB for low end users but you can always increase this size by referring to other people. For each referral you will get 256MB of storage. But if you need more than 2GB backup storage space then you need to pay money.


Simple to set up
Supports open/locked files
Schedules automatic backups
Performs backups automatically in the background, thus not effecting your work
Supports version control for your data
Encrypts all your data before transferring them to storage
Supports backs up of your Outlook files, thus protecting even your emails
Only backs up files that have been added or changed in subsequent backups, making the entire process take very less time
Restoring the backup files is easy. Though home users are limited to only one restore in the queue at a time.


The most important feature for any online backup provider has to be its security. Mozy wins it here too. Mozi uses 128-bit SSL encryption for your data during the transmission and for storage at their servers. This means the moment any data leaves your computer, it will be encrypted by Mozy so that sniffers can not read your data. The data is then stored at Mozy using 448-bit Blowfish encryption. Which means, even if it is hacked it will not be readable. So it’s well protected when it’s stored as well as, when the data is being transferred from your computer.

Links: MozyHome, Registration for Free MozyHome

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  1. Mozy Fan Says:
  2. Mozy can restore your data using DVD too. Very useful for very large backup.


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