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If you have a very important Excel file which you are going to store on your computer or planning to send it to someone through email, with a fear of the data or information getting leaked, its better to go for Password Security of this file. There are Inbuilt options in your Microsoft Excel which can help you to secure all your Worksheets or Workbook.

Data Protection Process : Once you complete updating your file, click on Tools > Protect Workbook, which can help you to Password Protect your complete Excel file along with all the individual sheets in the same file. You will be asked to enter a password for this file along with a confirmation of the same.

File Password Protection : for disallowing anyone to access your files and edit/modify the data you need to do the following process. You can set a password to open either for a new document (Save As > Tools > Security Options) or for an existing one (Main Menu > Tools > Options > Security).

Once these Passwords are setup you can send your file to anyone, and whenever they try to access it, they will be asked to enter a password to view the contents. In case you have setup a password for file modification and the other person does not enter the correct password, he will be able to view a read-only version of your file and will not be able to make any modifications.

Credits: Amitbhawani

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